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Why dodos won't be added in to the game

The only place where u can see the dod go is the Cenozoic age. But the dodo did not exist during the Cenozoic age. The went extinct very recently in the 1500’s by European sailors hunting does and eating them. They were native to east Madagascar and Mauritius. So they did not really exist in the Cenozoic era so there is no need to add them in the game. Till then just kelenken
As a dodo.


Update I did some more research and found out that dodo actually started appearing 26 million years ago. And they also went extinct in the 1600’s the last dod was killed 1681. But there still is no reason for it to be added there are animation of dods being fed to carnivorous animals and it’s not that fierce.


In fact, the Death Dodo is Herbivorous!


They’re also used as food items so it’s more unlikely to see them soon


I don’t think it will come out, but maybe the Death Dodo will be unlockable!


That is one mean bucket of KFC.


I did not understand what you say!

I think he means the death dodo is a huge chunk of Kentucky fried chicken.:chicken:

In my country we have a chain of restaurants call Kentucky Fried Chicken that serve good chicken. The other person said the dodo is weak, and you pointed out how strong it it. I mixed it as part of the small bird family as a joke. :grinning:

You know, the fast food shop.

Normal Dodo is already a food source for most carnivorous cenozoics, so it’s very unlikely we’ll get it as a playable creature.