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Why does a gorgosuchus

Still have a 1500 hit even when 90 percent distraction is being used

Its because of its ferocious strike.


Distraction and ferocious percentages stack additively, so 150 minus 90 equals 60 (%).

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Didn’t this all just get covered in another thread?

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Gorgosuchus hits like a truck, mine does 900+ on a tryko even with ID

Still doesn’t make sense I’m using a 90 percent distraction

BEFORE they use FS. If the ID was after, it would be 90%.

Ferocious strike boosts attack for 50% so it’s 150%. On that you do 90% distraction which leaves 60% of damage (150 - 90).


So if a creature has a 2000 rampage plus 50 percent would be 3000

Yes, as long as the base damage is 1000

Yea and then I use a 90 percent distraction

It hits at 1500

Welp Gorgosuchus is one of the most powerful creatures in the game when set up.


I’m referring to a bigger hit gorgosuchus with a hit 1500 not a 3000 hit

Doesn’t matter. Gorgosuchus always will hit like a truck. Get out of the way or you’re gonna get t-boned

I litterally just wrote this in another thread about grypo but will put it here as well… distractions only affect your base damage period… if its attack is 1000 and you you use instant distraction it only works for its base damage. Same with ferocious strike it only looks at its base damage adds the correct amount of damage to it. Neither skills care what the other one is doing because both of them look at the base attack.

Same way you can use a 50% distraction one turn… a second 50% distraction the next turn and have your opponent deal zero damage… each distraction looks at the base attack only applies its own 50% debuff and its equivalent to 100% attack reduction.

Oh that’s so weird, why would they put a percent than

Because it is Ludia’s way

Actually, let me rephrase that. Buffs and debuffs stack, so +50%-90%=-40%. So you end up with a 40% distraction instead of 90%.
In other words 60% damage.

Regular damage plus 50% - 90%