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Why does All's gen 2 get a different design than it's original, but other gen 2's are just re-skinned?

Just, why? Why one dinosaur?

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It was made to match the movie model.
Though I wish they’d bring a Kapro G2 and give it the spikes:

But I’d be happy with this too:


Are you referring to Bowser?

Because allo G2 is from Battle at the big rock and because it’s new not like other G2
Also because Ludia is lazy

The Allosaurus (G1) that we saw in Fallen Kingdom was a juvenile and the G2 from Battle at Big Rock is meant to be the adult version.

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Not all of them are just reskinned. Anky g2 has a different model. Idk about any other examples tho


G2 allo was made to match the short film. And according to lore it is the adult version of the G1. So they should look different.

I personally like to believe the g1 allo will grow to look like jurassic world evolution’s version. The shape of the skull and colors make more sense.

Tye bottom one is amazing! :heart_eyes:

I love this dino. I wish that they would feature it more often. Or put it in the wild/ make it a daily. Or something. They didn’t create this one and Nasuto both are from Battle at Big Rock. Therefore they shouldn’t be locked away in the exclusive zone.