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Why does an indoraptor keep spawning!


I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, but I already unlocked it, thankfully I’ll go out and hopefully encounter Erildominus

EDIT: let me clarify that when I mean unlocking, I meant through fusing, and I’m not saying that since I already have it, it shouldn’t spawn anymore. I’m saying that I would like something else to spawn, since that’s the only uniques that’s spawned all day. I haven’t started a single unique today


It doesn’t work like that, just because you unlock it doesn’t mean it won’t spawn again, I mean what if you wanted to use more attempts to level it.


No no no that’s not what I meant, I meant I unlocked it through fusion, hence I don’t need it anymore. Therefore the reason why I don’t really like it spawning over and over again. I haven’t darted it yet


I would like to be on your location, I’m close to unlock it without fusing


Indoraptor is all I’ve found as well. And there’s barely any stops which isn’t helping…


I barely saw indoraptor which is nice. I farmed my 5 tryko relatively quickly, only seeing one indoraptor in the process


All I’ve found is dioraja. Really worried I won’t get anything by my lunch break tomorrow…


Havent seen anything but erlidoms all day… my original plan was to go for as much tryko as possible… that changed into as much erlidom as possible.


And did you get it ?


Yeah… and enough to level it once… still have one more attempt


Good job. I think she is probably the easiest to dart so that’s a good strategy as well. But I really love tryko so I’m going for that one instead


I should start fusing for tryko next week though… really just need anky and its the daily… my golden chicken is still at 17. So i think it was a decent strategy even if i like tryko more.

Plus side erlidom worked out well in both strike towers today

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