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Why does everyone in this forum hate ludia

It has the word ludia in it. If you hate it, then why are you here? Just to be a massive troll, I guess


because ludia hates us lol. they only love our wallets.


I’m here for the lulls and free food.


I don’t hate Ludia nor do I love Ludia. I’m just here to try to socialize, I dunno if it’s working or not…also I hear they gave out cookies…


This is the forum for the game, so…we’re here for the game…

Ludia is mismanaging this game badly, and it’s fairly obvious, so people who like or want to like the game come here, to the official game forums and say what is obvious.


This is just a game. I don’t take anything personally. I don’t complain much but throw a lot of ideas out for them.


I hate Ludia because it makes me feel like a big man.

Jokes on them though. About to leave this dumb game for good. Been playing Dreamworks Dragons: Titan Uprising game the last day or so and I’m already liking it better than JWA. Me and my $ about to take our business elsewhere :wave:


Not to tar everyone with the same brush but for some it’s called Perceived Entitlement. They think because they spend money on the game they should be listened to over anyone else.

But on the other hand, there are issues that Ludia need to resolve but so far have not been seen to do so although let’s be honest, we don’t see what is going on behind the scenes.

A bit more communication from the developers other than polls would go a long way to fixing this.


I do not hate them. I love this game and it has been designed by them. Also, I try to comment on the good things they do, for example, all the new things that have been added to the game (chests, alliances, aromas, …) or the good designs and animations of the creatures.

That does not mean that you should agree on everything they do and therefore I will comment on this forum to see if they realize their mistakes, correct them and do not make similar mistakes again.

Many times I think that none of them play this game because, otherwise, for example, surely they would not create 5-minute capsules, that you can not open at home (because you lose two of the 5 dinosaurs) and that if you open in the street forces you to play walking (which is very dangerous and causes accidents) because every two minutes takes about 1 minute and a half to shoot the two creatures and you have a few seconds left to run or you will lose a creature. If you find an obstacle, a red traffic light or you have to walk in a curve, you have lost a creature. Things like this if they are not published again and again in this forum it seems that they will never realize their error.

Take this opportunity to repeat (I do it again and again and will not stop until this is changed or decide to leave the game) that should change the rule that equal level and speed, it is decided that dino attacks first by the first press the button , which implies that it is really decided according to the servers and the communications. Please, change this, possibly what I hate most about the game.

That does not mean that I hate them.


“Everyone” on this forum does not hate Ludia, as you believe.

I love the concept of the game.
I enjoyed (past tense) playing the game.
I hate the way Ludia has mismanaged this game.
I come here because this is the official forums.
I post here in the belief that the developers listen, so they will hear the good and bad.

Now, for you I have questions.

If you are so “Rah Rah Ludia”, what makes you think your OPINION is superior to “everyone in this forum” (as you put it), and why should only supportive statements be allowed/critical statements not be allowed?

To be fair, this is how products are made better, by LISTENING to customer complaints about quality, reviewing what can be changed to improve the quality, and implementing that change to improve the customer experience.

Without knowing why your customers aren’t happy, or thinking they are all content in your services, nothing gets changed.

So, again: Why is your opinion superior to “everyone” and theirs should not be heard?

Me? I canceled my VIP yesterday. Been playing since about July.
Curtailed significantly the amount I play every day because the gameplay at my level is horrid and boring. It is no longer interesting or rewarding.

I sincerely hope they can salvage this great game.


Speaking of trolling, no one has done it as good as Ludia. This morning’s notification push that certain dino is near, but they removed him.
Then the incubator sales…
Buy an epic for $19.99 that comes with 2600 cash, or buy the same thing without the 2600 cash for 5000 cash. Trolling for idiots, I think.


My wish list gets shorter over time. Slightly higher spawn rates(old) . Weekly zone rotation(old) . No gap days in schedule(new) . Less battles than 12 as daily mission(new) .

Ludia have done some fantastic things so far. Separated cheaters in pvp. Removed the fence. Quadruple coins compared to old game. Click on supply drops from distance. Most creatures can be clicked inside strike towers.

Ludia arent even bad let alone hateable.


I love the graphic designers at Ludia. They did such a good job on the graphics in this game, the dinos all look amazing. :kissing_closed_eyes:

On the other hand, I think that whoever is in charge of general content design (be it a team of people or just 1 person) is completely out of touch with their playerbase.

I honestly dont see this game lasting much longer unless some major effort is applied to salvaging it. :neutral_face:


@MementoMori I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not, since that game is by Ludia too…

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It’s not just you, I frequently have this effect on people :grimacing: Very kind of you to check and give me a heads up. I appreciate you, @Kristi :blush:

**this post was 100% for reals



Ludia is only in for the :moneybag::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar:
Heres how it goes:
Players: Here, take my money. :dollar:
Ludia: :grinning: gladly!
Ludia: Take this! :cactus:
Players: At this point, I’ll take what they give me!


Best post ive read all year, and I basically share all of the exact same sentiments. I canceled my vip weeks ago as well, why should i keep contributing financially to an unfair company? Ludia is the biggest cheater in this game.

…But to your point about the rah-rah non-sense,
On the one hand, in all fairness to ludia this is a business and not a charity as some want to believe… im fine with that but the problem is that they are just so sleezy sometimes.

For instance, people are trying to speculate which dinos will make up the new hybrids when the update comes out… lets make it simple, look at the leader board… the most leveled-up and popular dinos will get nerfed, and if there are dinos in your account that everyone seems to have stockpiles of dna then there is no chance they will become relevant unless ludia can first get u to waste that dna on one of their patches… they knows what everyone has in their accounts.

Because people work hard on this, invest a lot of time, and money… thats why

Soccer is only a game too, but people are upset when refs fix games

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