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Why does everyone want 'cheap wins'?

I’m all for a bit of strategy in competative battling and something you see across many games is people gravitating towards the most OP, easiest, quick win combatants. JWA is no different. Why go for the ‘cheap wins’ all the time, why not employ some good tactics a bit of strategy instead of doing the easiest and most ‘unthinking’ powerful moves as soon as you start? I-Rex Cloak, Indoraptor/Monomimus Evasive Stance, SIA DraceG2 Defence Shattering Rampage. They’re all cheap wins, it would be fantastic if people actually learned how to build coherent and ballanced teams instead of chasing the OP creatures and just trying to rely upon the same dinos with the same (boring) moves everytime.

I love to see under-used creatures in battle, a bit of imagination, skill and well developed strategies in competative battling. Be brave break the mold, try something new, be different for a change.

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It’s simple. Because the company let them and they take advantage of it. Bad structured game or very clever moves from the company for earning money.


Your definition of “cheap wins” appears to be “efficient wins” in this case, FYI.

These are relatively small-scale battles and the thing that gets you to the finish line first and fastest is the best.

Sadly, those under-used creatures are under-used for a reason, and that reason is that they’re simply not efficient. They aren’t the best damage dealers, nor are they the fastest dinosaurs and in this game those two factors are the foremost traits one needs. That’s actually why I’d prefer to stay at lower levels because you actually do have people trying out all sorts of dinosaurs and strategies; after 3K trophies it’s all about the win and whoever has the few, funneled “best” dinosaurs generally wins.


Really depends how you look at it. Actually benched Indominus, cause I can get more wins with Gorgo, cause it’s less of a gamble. Sometimes using Evasive Stance/Cloak is actually a tactic. There is a mind game. Like to used Evasive against Instant Chargers, but sometimes they get free turn.

People stick to best dinos in the game. Why would anyone try to find a way to win with useless dinos when its enough to overlevel Stegodeus (before 1.5) or just make Tryko/Diloracheirus/Utarinex/Indoraptor.
First three are usually used after 4500 trophies, while until then Indo rules.
With 1.5 and the rise of a bleeders, Spinotasuchus is permanent member of any team, while many also use Suchotator. Isn’t bleeding a dino also cheep way to win? You just hit it and wait till dies, not much different than Dracogen2 exploit.


I don’t believe many creatures are completely useless in JWA, far from it. Each part can play a key role within a well balanced team. So even a Triceratops Gen 2 levelled up can prove to be useful if it fits within a coherent team and played well. Doing well with an low tier creature actually requires a fair amount of skill, luck and strategy.

The thing is people always want the biggest and baddest, fastest, hardest hitters, right now and why wouldn’t you. But they’re lone creatures which more often than not are a complete gamble (with RNG/luck based moves), and because of the investment made in gaining them they must may remain in a team so may not try other things and strategies. Sometimes the ‘cheap-winner-saurs’ played badly may even limit or make a team more vulnerable especially when played ‘predictably’. I’m not saying that they can’t be played well or strategically of course they can but it’s far more common to see them just played as a gamble for a quick win.

Either way you need to have well balanced team, even with fastest, hardest hitters. If one dino lead the whole team, then you are lost, when it’s not chosen by RNG in your team. That’s happening to people when they get Indominus, Indo or any other new/first legendary or unique.

My point is, why would people invest in common or rare dinos if everybody telling them, they are useless. Unless they are fans of that dino, they won’t risk powering it up.

It’s no secret that Tanycolagrius is a fantastic Indo counter. It’s far from useless because it’s a common.
Just sayin’

Still hesitate to power up Tany. Either way have DNA only to power it up to lvl 20.

Because when i beat someone with DracoG2 i know there’s a 1/10 chance they want to throw their phone, and that makes me feel good.

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If you’d like to use more synergisic strategies reliably, then you’re going to have to make the argument for choosing your own team rather than the random 4 of 8.

Right now that randomization kills proper team play so we kinda have to have those lone creatures with the best features that we expect to use. Even then, I sometimes get all my “best” creatures that are simply fighting their counters and there isn’t much I can do about it but lose and wait for the next fight.

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You seem to miss one big point about what you call the “biggest and baddest, fastest, hardest hitters”, that are in your view mostly legendary creatures: they are also more versatile, which means using them efficiently needs more strategy than more common creatures. Commons and non-hybrid rares and epics are usually one-trick ponies that rarely need strategy to use, and their limited skills hurt the good balance of a team. Indominus Rex, for example, acts as a good creature in two niches: chomper and immunity; that combo is balanced by its impossibility to destroy shields. Overall, it is useful in more different situations than Tyrannosaurus Rex and Dimetrodon, despite its weakness. Most legendaries can be analysed as useful in a wider range of situations, and a team made of legendaries can better cover the needs you may have during a fight.

This said, I don’t feel your argument is that much about strategy per se, but more about your dislike of cloak/evasion and Dracorex Gen 2…

I’ll just add that one of my favorite fights strategically speaking is Suchotator vs Indoraptor: Suchotator can beat Indoraptor if and only if you can properly anticipate Indoraptor’s moves. And Indoraptor can beat Suchotator I you can anticipate what Suchotator is trying to anticipate! This is the most interesting case of a mind game I’ve came across in JWA!


There’s only one “cheap win” and thats in the form of a scrawny miscalculated common that separates “cheap players” from those with a little more class.


1 in 10 chance?!?! I can tell you when Drac gen 2 comes in for the slaughter it’s 90% I want to throw my phone!

So like Velociraptor users? :wink:

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Gooooood. Give in to the hate. It feeds me. Gives me power.

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That’s says more about you than about the people you’re battling.

I don’t know about “cheap wins” but if a player is competitive then they are going to use the best at their disposal.


There are no cheap wins. A win is a win. A loss is a loss. I was building and using a “this team to win” team. I did well enough for my level. Then I got bored read ran into ridiculous powered dinos and build a team more inline with my personality read as an f u team I had alot more fun and climbed higher.

To be honest looking at the Dino stats they are all about the same at higher levels.

And honestly the more legendary lame Dino’s I get the more I like and appreciate my more common ones.

I absolutely love ornithomimus Draco Rex (both) tyrannosaurus gold spinosaurus gold and a few others based teams.

I especially like when ornithomimus dodges a few times and then swap to Draco on the swap skill…


Because I just made some one somewhere say dirty curse words.

It causes me to giggle… Giggle like a five year old girl.

The only thing that is bumming me out is that the legendary ones and so far new Dino’s are kinda lame (diplodocus the three flying bleeding Dino’s dracoceratops darwinopterous etc.)


He’s clearly Emperor Palpatine. I think that’s a given.

What that i like to have fun?