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Why does fierce attacks get the short end of the stick?

I mean resilient moves get to cleanse distraction(throwing superiority strike in the trash) and cunning gets to cleanse DoT(which is okay I guess since 2 types of dinosaurs deal DoT) why does fierce only cleanse vulnerability it should cleanse something a bit more common like decel. It feels wrong that we have tanks roaming the battle field making one of the most common debuffs worthless and then we have chompers having their moves being against that 1 ankylosaurus you’ll find in arena. Maybe cunning moves cleanse decel, fierce moves cleansing distraction and Resiliant moves cleansing DoT or Vulnerability.

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I’d prefer they cleanse decel. Having fierce attacks cleanse distraction makes the cunning critters even more useless.


Same, so then it can beat the resilient, but vulnerable is really only on tanky creatures, so I can see where it comes from

Should cleanse both vulnerability and decel imo


Sure, though would like to have some cunning critters be immune to decel in response, to keep the fierces in check.

It should probably do both vulnerability and decel. Vulnerability as a whole doesn’t make sense to me. It helps tanks do more damage, but the cunning creatures they’re supposed to counter usually have low enough health that it doesn’t matter. So it would be better as a counterplay option against big tank busters like t rex, but those are usually immune to vulnerable or can cleanse it. So then what is vulnerability even for?

It makes much more sense to have a way to cleanse the much more common deceleration, considering how strong resilients are right now. I worry a bit about speed demon Thors, but those are meant to be countered by distraction anyway.


That would completely undermine the whole RPS system

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I wanted actually to make a topic on why fierce abilities should cleanse deceleration but i guess you beat me to it. Im still probably gonna make it later today.

This last bit doesn’t make too much sense. It’s making them counter the ones that should be countering them. The creatures are build to work like this: Cunning should counter fierce and bleeders, so It needs to distract and cleanse bleed. Resilient should counter cunning, so It should slow and cleanse distraction. Fierce should counter resilient, so it should cleanse vulnerability, and as you suggested, perhaps cleanse deceleration as well.

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what about adding a small .1 or .15 bleed to some fierce attacks? cunning creatures can cleanse that, while it would aid the fierce creature in dealing with tanks.

I don’t think cunning are supposed to have decel immunity. Unless you’re talking about the resilient-fierce hybrids like Tryko, Maxima, Tenrex, etc. For some of those Fierce-resilent builds something like Magna, a cunning-fierce build with decel immunity is a good response. But rather than cunning, the class i believe that should all recieve decel immunity is the bleeders. We only have 2 right now, Thyla and vexus. But Daryx, constrictor and Spinotasuchus should have that as well. Along with some recieving their bleed abilities back like Erlikospyx, then It could have 100% decel resistant too.
Another class that should rise to counter stronger resilient are the ferocious-fierce creatures, they aren’t really that good or relevant right now, and we currently lack a good ferocious-fierce unique. I’m sure li’l kapro and it’s siblings could use a buff and a good unique. They are perfect for the job since they have decel immunity too. I’d love to have a dino like that.

Was referring mainly to stuff like Dracocerato which is clearly missing something as even its legendary has more use than it. We even did a raid with Dracoceratops:


Agreed, although i think It may just need better stats

Or a rampage.

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It was just a little suggestion making dinosaurs counter what they would normally get countered by. But looking back on it it’s probably best not to make the three moves too OP

I like the .1 or .15 dot idea for fierce. Because currently it’s really weak and cleansing deceleration isn’t gonna fix that.