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Why does initiative change in PVP after a character dies?

I’ll paint a scenario for you. I’m fighting in PVP, tommus is low and so is the cleric. The cleric is about to come up in initiative. Tommus is going to die with his taunt up but at least when the cleric comes around I can use the big party heal to bring him up to near full…

But when the enemy party killed Tommus, the initiative changed for my party and now the cleric is at the bottom. He was up next but is now behind my warlock & mage… So he dies easily, never getting a turn. Why was that initiative reset necessary? Is it a bug?

1400-1500 rank PVP, characters level 8-9

That is all due to Ludia thinking that completely random PvP makes for a fun concept, which is best not discussed.


Because some characters get shook up by the death of a friend and can’t think straight for a moment resulting in a loss of initiative.

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