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Why does Instant Rampage have no delay, but Instant Charge does?

I don’t really understand it. It does more damage, and yet somehow has no delay?

Instant Rampage - 2x damage | no delay
Instant Charge - 1x damage + 75% chance to stun | 1 turn delay

Curious on how other players feel about it.


It’s because instant charge has a stun, which is enough to give it a 1 turn delay in my opinion.


Um well idk honestly

But the sheer damage dealt by instant rampage is a lot.
Instant charge has 75% stunning rate which doesn’t really say much unless your opponent uses it on you and gets a guaranteed stun or you use a Tyrannosaur build.
Phorusaura has a ridiculous damage output with instant rampage and rampage and run.

Because as long as the opponent isn’t immune instant charge makes you lose a turn whereas instant rampage doesn’t, it just allows you to take priority in situations where it could be more useful while also doing 2x damage, besides instant rampage already has a 2 turn cooldown. If instant rampage had a delay for instance creatures like phorusaura and Maiasaura wouldn’t have much on turn 1 to use and so that would kind of render them useless in my opinion, especially with their swap in ability.

Well yes, but actually no.

Lol like I honestly swear that stun never fails but he does have a point about the damage even if the stun fails you get to hit the opponents

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