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Why does it Seem that The AI has more luck Than i Do?


Every time i fought in the arena i would always either get no crits, useless stuns while the enemy gets insane crits and damage even though our levels are the same or mine is bigger. And NO i don’t want to hear Excuses like, Well maybe you should have better dinos in your Deck LOL I DO, MY TREX SEEMS USELESS MY RAPTOR DOESNT 1 HIT KILL ANYONE WHILE THEIR’S DOES? ITS LIKE THE GAME WANTS ME TO LOSE. YES I KNOW ABOUT COUNTERS BUT IT DOESNT SEEM LIKE IT MATTERS WHEN LUCK IS ALWAYS ON THE ENEMIES SIDE. DAMN AI.


RNG is broken, but the devs refuse to fix it. This is something that really has been keeping me from getting incubs to build up my current team, as a few of them don’t spawn here that often.