Why does Ludia hate Smilonemys?

First off when this creature was released in 1.9 it was pretty decent and when it got buffed in 1.13 and 2.1 it still wasn’t too strong. So when it was nerfed a few updates later in 2.3 it didn’t make too much sense. After it got its health decreased from 4200 to 3900 it was in need of a buff and wouldn’t be touched until 2.9, where it was nerfed.

Ye sure it got a stat buff and it’s swap prevention resistance put to 60% but the attack buff was only by 100 and the hp buff just undid what happened in 2.3. Only real buff was the swap prevention res increase which is outweighed by the nerfs it got to its armor (50% to 40% which is a much bigger difference than it seems) and more so rampage and run becoming DELAYED rampage and run. Both nerfs were VERY unnecessary since it would be perfectly balanced without them; removing its vulnerability res is just insult to injury.

Now here we are with update 2.10 where it’s now getting its RAID REMOVED. Why? why take away its raid? It’s a unique made from 3 epics (one of which is also needed for ANOTHER unique) meaning it’s already quite hard to make. Does Ludia just not want people to have this armoured kitten?

In this update they didn’t only finish beating nemys into the dirt with removing its raid, they ALSO removed grypolyth’s raid, it and smilonemys being the only 2 unique raids actually worth something. (Not saying Phorurex isn’t a fair trade, just that nemys and grypo shouldn’t have gotten the short end of the stick) If replacing some raids really was necessary why not replace, uh, the other 2. Indoraptor is not only one of the easier uniques to create, it’s mediocre and not really worth doing a raid for. Stygidaryx is just terrible, not much has to be said here. Indoraptor at least kind of makes sense since it’s in a movie but why is stygidaryx still here?

I really don’t understand why smilonemys isn’t getting any love from Ludia, just nerf after nerf give this thing a break.


I think the reason why Ludia decided to nerf Nemys was because it was the only viable creature in the shores with a hit and run move, can you imagine a max damage nemys DP and then RAR into a max damage CeRat or MRhino? That’s a lot of damage, quite glad Nemys has a 2 turn Delay on the RAR.
I think the real question is… why does Ludia hate Commons?
Not a single common only tournaments ever-since championships, commons always get mixed with other rarities, all other rarities are worth investing since they are seen in arena a lot and have it’s rarity be featured in tourneys, commons? Very little reasons to invest in them, quite pitiful if you ask me.


I use smilo at the moment and I still think its fine, but I would love to change its boostes around.

The only match up thats more difficult is the thor/mortem since your forced to prowl turn 2.
Still does the job for me.

That doesn’t justify it constantly being nerfed plus a 2 turn delay wouldn’t change the problem you mentioned since smilonemys players usually go for precise pounce or SDS as their first move anyway.

Commons are quite boring on their own, only 2 moves and not that much variety. Not saying it’s a bad idea though, just that this is probably the reason why there isn’t a common only tournament.

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please dont remove it from raids ludia because im using it in aviary

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Why don’t they just add the new uniques to weekend raids?


that’s what I’m saying, instead of removing the 2 raids why not put the 2 new ones on weekends. As it is right now having only apex raids on Friday - Sunday is unfair to the players that aren’t high enough level for them.


totally agree

Considering that Nemys is my absolute favorite hybrid in the game I am still in shock with the lack luster treatment it gets.
The only real reason I can see to why they smacked it so hard with the nerf hammer was because they wanted to prop up Skoona as the new dominant Cunning-Resilient so the smashed nemys face in and put skoona on a pedestal.
All I would really want is to have it’s armor count back to what it was originally and maybe replace DRAR with Precise impact and run.


Difficult to understand indeed. It’s one of the hardest unique creature to level up because of the 3 epic components (I think the only other one like that is trykosaurus). There are 2 useless raids that could have been replaced before grypolyth and smilonemys. Anyway, because Ludia…


I am a faithful smilonemys player and I can say that the problem is not in DRaR, but that his armor was weakened, he must have an ability that balances that, 45% as a minimum armor is tolerable, we already see that many creatures included recently you have escape and swap skills that do too many things for a single skill, having an “Escape in Prowl” or a “Precise cunning pounce” or “Superiority shielded strike” or something like that would make it better (not all the skills I mentioned )

Her real problem is the lack of passive skills, the only one she has is swap in stun (which is garbage), and I have done millions of reworks for her and I must say that many of them would not make her OP or a disaster


that looks too much like a job I did lol


I like It, but i don’t think It should be immune to slow 50% is fine.
Love the kit tho


Thik to…


50% armor please

agreed, except I would prefer RAR instead of PIAR

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