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Why does my friend see SD that I don't have?


My friend dropped in and suddenly we discovered that he sees SD near my house that I don’t have on my map.

How is it possible and why??
Here are screenshots made at the same time.

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Reboot your phone and clear the cache.

Google how to clear your particular phone cache if you aren’t sure how.

It will load the latest game maps


We have that happen on our accounts too. Not very often but sometimes a strike tower will show up on two accounts and not the third. Rebooting app and phone has not fixed that for us.

We have had the same issue with certain dino’s showing up on 1 or 2 of the accounts but not the last 1 or 2. Sometimes restarting app makes the dino show up, sometimes it doesn’t. It has been like this since the beginning for us and it is usually on rares or epics when it happens. At one point I thought maybe this was being done on purpose so spoofers would be able to all get the same dino but I don’t think that is it. U notice a lot of little things like this when having 3 accounts always being played at the same time. The strike tower battles are always the same for all 3 with the exception of the crits.

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The moderator stated that the points of interest update periodically off of thier servers. So either you or your friend is playing “ahead” of the other.


So I have 3 phones side by side in the car and it shows up for 2 and not 3 but everything else on the map is the same it is because of points of interest? Typically there would be a chest or supply drop on the account without the strike tower.


My friend have had for a long time now couple supply drops that I don’t have. Also sometimes one of us have strikes on some drops and other one doesnt have that strike there at all.


U need to use “nullifying”…the dino self activated CLOAK…haha


Yeah something like that…lol… I found a dracorex gen 2 nest on a sideroad not far from my house. I know they won’t be out now as it is dark here but there is usually a dracorex there too. Going to try running my 2 free epic scents there and hopefully get some ouranno that we ran out of…Hopefully no secondo.


Reminds me of those spawns that hang just out of range until you pay for VIP and then they spawn just out of VIP range when they would have been in it just before purchase!!

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There is definitely some malicious code in there!


Yeah. Have vip and that is usually the case. Bary and koola usually in range, good stuff out of range when it shows up. Has anyone else noticed a big increase in spino gen2? I have been getting 2 or 3 every day.


Yeah spino g2 and secodonto everywhere, useful epics just aren’t spawning apart from special event weeks. Game is getting so stale ATM especially after missions failed!


Rebooting and clearing cache didn’t help. Still don’t see that SD


Is one an iPhone and the other Android?

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Nope, both are Android


only difference I can see is the level (13 and 20) but have no idea if this is level related somehow. Or maybe a wi-fi vs mobile net thing?


We ran an experiment and I logged in at his smartphone. I saw that SD. I logged in back at mine and no SD at that place.
That’s crazy. Crazy Ludia coding

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