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Why does production sometimes drop when a dragon levels up?

I don’t see a lot of examples of this, but when I look at the dragon stats page, I see that sometimes when you level up a dragon it’s stats get worse. For example, when going from level 124 to 125, the Skystreaker can’t produce as much fish (for reference see: As you level up a dragon, shouldn’t it’s abilities always improve?

Have you seen/verified this in game? It may be that the wiki is just wrong. (It is suspicious that at 124, the rate is 10.5M, at 134 it is 11.3M, but 125-133 are all 9.xM. BTW, I can confirm that the level 134 stat is accurate.)

That’s a fair question. I need another academy upgrade before I can train dragons beyond level 124. I’m digging through the website to plan ahead and hopefully avoid problems. Hopefully the website is incorrect, but instead of just relying on a strategy of hope, I thought it wiser to bring this up in the wiki. If the website is wrong, then maybe a someone can speak to that.

I can train to 134, so I can’t check… does the dragon info not show the stat changes if you can’t train to the next level yet? I would think if that shows a “+X”, you can safely assume training won’t make the stats worse.

That said, FWIW I usually don’t alternate training dragons and using them as collectors… when I decide to train one, I keep training it until max level before starting to use it as a collector. If you follow this, it won’t matter what the stats are at 125-133.

(Incidentally, I’ve retired Skystreaker as a collector, as I have enough dragons these days that have better collection rates… Bargemine, Grazefall, Bonecrusher’s Conquest, Sinker-Claws, Sven’s Nightmare, Ripwrecker, Threadtail, Scardian, Twist-Trapper, Rushing Death, Sirenade, Sparkle&Sparks… Basically, I’m not using anyone under 12M rate any more. Skystreaker is a good runner-up though until you have enough over-12M to use up all your slots.)

Good catch. And you are right, it says +84k, so the production stats on the webpage must not accurate. Very insightful of you, thank you.

We use a number of the same dragons for fish production. In case it is useful, I upgraded the flightmare amber statue so that my production rate would be boosted above 12M at level 134. That statue boosts wood production more than fish production, but it still got me there. Between the amber statue and the skystreaker producing fish for 26 hours, I get a descent amount of fish production the skystreaker.

Thanks again for your help!

BTW, I should also say thank you to Ludia. I suspect that this drop in production was how it used to work, but that the developers fixed that at some point. Hopefully the website I mentioned above will catch up soon.

Occam’s Razor - it’s more likely someone made a mistake writing up the Wiki, than worsening a dragon as you level it up.

@columbob, exactly :smile:. (More particularly, it’s likely, as @TySmith noted, that it changed at some point and the wiki hasn’t been fixed. We know dragons’ collection rates and times get tweaked occasionally.)