Why does Stygidaryx have Cleansing Swoop?

This is something that’s been in the game for quite a while, yet I realised it now.

The Unique Stygidaryx, a superhybrid between Stygimoloch Gen 2 and Darwezopteryx, has a function it does not need.
The function I am referring to is the Cleanse in Cleansing Swoop.
We all know that since the beginning of the game, swapping out a creature would remove all current negative effects from it, aka “Cleanse” it.
To stop something from swapping out, you would use the Pinning function of Abilities, also known as The Lockdown Mechanic or Swap Prevention.
To directly counter Pinning, one would have to swap before that effect was applied or have resistance towards it.
Now, Stygidaryx has an ability that allows it to swap out, that also cleanses beforehand to remove all the negative debuffs from it, such as Pinning, and allow it to escape.
Now to the question.

Why does Stygidaryx have Cleansing Swoop and Resistance to Swap Prevention?
Every debuff will be removed when swapping, and it’s already resistant to swap prevention. It has no need for a Cleansing Ability.
Was this intentional? Please change Cleansing Swoop for something else that Stygidaryx would benefit from.

Cleansing swoop cleanses the self-inflicted swap prevention that Stygi gets from using it’s SIA (which cannot be resisted), so that you can swap out faster. The other side of that is why should it have swap prevention resistance, and there are a few reasons for that.

  1. No escape applies every time you try to swap out. Without the resistance, no escape would prevent Stygidaryx from swapping out, since cleansing swoop only works against a preexisting lockdown debuff (e.g. self inflicted during a swap in).

  2. Sometimes you may want to swap out but don’t have the speed advantage, so you may sometimes try to swap normally without using cleansing swoop.

So both cleansing swoop and the resistance have a place in it’s kit.


The real question is why is Lethal Swoop there? It has a turn of delay, so you can’t use it to leave if you don’t swap in, and if you do swap in, again it has a turn of delay plus Cleansing Swoop cleanses. Lethal Wound has no purpose over Cleansing swoop except for a little extra bleed on the second turn if you survive that long. Honestly, it should either be Lethal Wound or have no Delay so that if you want to enter without swapping in, you have the option to deal extra bleed and swap right back out.


Yeah Lethal Wound would be so much better on it, cause then you could at least use it on turn 1. You wouldn’t be able to swap out, but you would get more bleed damage. So the tradeoff is swap out but do less bleed, or stay in and do more bleed. Stygidaryx actually is fairly durable, so the fact that there’s no way for it to inflict bleed without swapping out is kind of annoying actually.


Yes. King of Bleeding Flyers, too skittish for major bleeding.


Yeah it really suffers from a lack of turn 1 options. If you don’t want to immediately swap out, all you can do is use resilient strike. And the vulnerability doesn’t even do anything for it, since none of it’s other attacks deal direct damage.


Yep. Honestly, this would definitely be a good case for Superiority going onto it, as it could then decel and swap out if something was faster.


Or if they had just left resilient attacks alone…


Ya true

Okay so, what about they KEEP Lethal Swoop and replace Cleansing Swoop with Lethal Wound?
It might sound op, but think about it. Daryx deserves that after everything she’s been through

We’ve been saying that for a long time. The 1 turn delay on Lethal Swoop makes no sense because it isn’t an Impact or Rampage type move and it does the exact same amount of DoT as Lethal Wound does, and that doesn’t have a delay on it.

Ideally, it should get one of the Scratching moves the Boss raid variant has, but if it can’t have that or Lethal Wound, then the one turn delay on Lethal Swoop should be removed.


Lethal Scratching Impact or Rampage. If it gets impact, wounding counter would suit it

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The one reason I can think of to replace Lethal swoop (or at least reduce the delay to 0) and not cleansing swoop is that there is an advanced to being able to cleanse the swap prevention and swap out right away with cleansing swoop.

As for why to replace Lethal swoop with Lethal Wound instead of reducing the delay: Lethal Wound also deals 1x damage, while Lethal swoop only applies DoT. If you can’t swap out anyway because of your SIA, tacking on the extra damage is the better option.