Why does tarbog get so much hate?

I have been scrolling through for some time,and I always see people hating on poor tarbog.I don’t understand the hate,while some creatures get by this,I’m talking about allodrigues and ardontognathus.the former having a turn one rending takedown while the latter has the potential for a armour piercing devastation t2,both of these are so much worse than tarbog and I see absolutely no one taking about them

Tarbog had 1550 instant critical baisic move. What else is there to say?

Oh yeah, no escape impact, healing fierce distracting impact, op swap in, and, oh yeah, it’s a FLOCK.


And, to be fair, Ardontognathus is much harder to obtain. Tarbognathus is very easy.


It’s still super easy to counter,it has no distract resistance and gets destroyed by the meta,its needs stun immune desperately.

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It’s not,other than the epic flock the legendary component is very easy too get if u have played for a while

That on escape impact is desperately needed for the amount of rats running around. It discourages swappers.

Its swap in is not op either :joy::joy::joy:
Perats and Alberats swap ins are OP

Its a fierce flock. I think that was reason enough for many.


So basically flocks shouldn’t have class variety because some people have trouble killing them>

More like most anti-flocks are resilient and tarbog is a fierce so it demolishes a lot of them.


ALERT SURGE thats why


It’s just another add-on to the absolute flockfests legendary tournaments are. I shouldn’t have to run 4-5 flocks in a legendary tournament just to perform well. I hate Tarbog about as much as other flocks, but the biggest reasons are the absurd damage priority strike and its synergy. I tend to hate creatures that can lock foes in but can freely swap whenever they want while benefitting the team by doing so. They’re often rediculously stally and just never die.


Hate because alert surge should not be a priority move. You talk about counters. How can you counter an automatic dodge, crit increase, and it always goes first. No!!

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Anky flock,ankomoloch,dippy,all of these things can kill tarbo very easily

Bruh, tell that to the lvl 30 Tarbos with 153 speed and 2500ish attack.


Alnko lux,skoona,ref and mortem

Wait were u that guy using pho and cera at shores?

Ankylos Lux is a huge maybe, especially given Tarbo’s high CRIT rate.

Mortem’s only group attack can be negated by Tarbo’s dodging, so unless Tarbo is weakened already there’s no way Mortem has a guaranteed win.

Yes I am. And before you try to come at me with some bad take, understand that just because I know how to utilize Phorurex, Spinoconstrictor, Ankylos Lux, and Hydra Boa in ways that let me deal with Tarbonagthus, not only are those pretty reliant on certain circumstances going in my favor, it does not invalidate the simple fact that Tarbonagthus is a problem creature.

And don’t even try to pull the same card you just did with “Just use Skoona, Ankylos Lux, Mortem, Ref…”

It’s a terrible argument to make, and I’m sick and tired of the same arguments being made (and being the go to defense!) in defense of the problem creatures.

I’m not,i salute u to still being in shores and using them even tho their bad

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I wouldn’t say they’re bad at all. Power crept, definitely, but not bad.

But Phorurex absolutely wrecks Albertocevia and is still a terror for Fierce creatures in general :rofl:.

It’s not,going for hostile glow then the instant guarantees a kill because if they attack u u kill them,u basically have a 25% that they don’t go for hnm t1