Why does tarbog get so much hate?

I would argue against that,because people use it for on-escape,basically causing them to take massive hit while its counters are likely dead or on Low health

U do u man,sure some people give u a hard time using cera

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Fair point, but it only really works if Tarbo and Ankylos Lux are pretty close stat and level wise.

Which goes for a lot of other creatures, obviously, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s a benefit, but it’s definitely not why they’re using Tarbonagthus :rofl:

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I’m mean the ankylos lux I’m fighting have max attack r one shot the flock members

Forgot about alert surge,that move shouldn’t have a guaranteed crit,

Tarbo is OP
It’s way too easy to get for for strong it is
My level 16 unboosted tarbo is incredibly strong compared to the rest of my team which are all higher levels and sometimes boosted
The other fierce flocks are much much harder to get and aren’t even that much better than tarbo
Ardontognathus is actually worse

The problem is alert sure,they should nerf it

Cuz of Impact On Escape and the basic