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Why does Tenontorex do so much damage? (Pretty broken)

I can’t figure out why Tenontorex does this much damage. Why does tenontorex do as much damage as a Trex? 1900 vs 1900. Its ridiculous.


It does As much damage as a T.Rex Cuz its name is T.enontoREX


It seems ridiculous, but TenRex is actually balanced, especially in a boosted arena


Tenontorex is fine, apart from having Rex DNA in his physiognomy.


Its not balanced though. It can one shot almost anything.

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but it is slow(I think) and does have many counters, I’ve faced a few in arena here and there and even when boosted isn’t that much of a problem


What are its counters?

We call it tenrex bc it’s stronger than ten rexes jk it’s actually very balanced and is very susceptible to swap in moves

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Everything is susceptible to swap in moves, that doesn’t justify it being the way it is


I mean I’ve mainly taken them out with constrictor, tryko, and rixis. There are others but those are just the ones I’ve used

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Pretty much all the rend bleed dinos kill him stuff like monolo and magna kill him and even stuff like dentis

How does tryko counter tenontorex? Tenontorex is naturally faster than tryko it just has to use resilient strike and then rampage and the tryko goes down.

Constrictor ? How does constrictor counter a 7k HP tenontorex with at least 2.8k Attack?

Rixis? Really?

No they don’t. Tenontorex uses light group heal and then uses rampage and one shots them. What then?

And most dentists do not exceed 123 speed. What happens if tenontorex is faster?

Rend and bleed? Really? It has distracting impact for rend users. It has light group heal. Those aren’t counters.

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They use null distract rampage only a silly magna user will distract t1 a fast tenontorex is really squishy and loses damage

So the magna is silly for using distracting impact? And so the tenontorex can’t one shot magna with distracting impact with its ridiculous easily attainable 3k base Damage and high crit chance?

They have worked for me, don’t care if u or anyone believes if that’s true or not but they have gotten the job done when facing tenontorex, and like I said there are other counters

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An equal leveled magna will survive a distracting impact crit

magna is silly for using DI against an opponent that can easily counter it with a heal.
always go NI against tenontorex. it’ll catch the majority off guard. i’ve done it plenty of times against stronger tenrex.

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Factor in boosts. Will magna survive assuming the magna is boosted and the tenrex is boosted?

Theres no justifying the way tenrex is, it does too much damage.

So is magna the only option as a counter? a 50/50 mix up/ matchup? There are no counters to this thing. I don’t understand why it does so much damage.