Why does the huge Quetzalcoatlus have the same sounds and not epic?!


I find it rather dum that the biggest flying animal didn’t get its own sound. But instead uses the same little chirping sound as the little flyers. Also I think it definitely should have been epic, it eats dinosaurs for breakfast… :frowning:


We really don’t know what any dinosaur sounded like but who knows.


I know but at it would be weird that a big animal like that would chirp really quietly. And pteranodon had much louder sound.


Maybe the weird flyer on the loading screen is an Indominus Quetzalcoatlus cross. So they have made these design choices to let the Hybrid unique stand out more. Getting Quetzalcoatlus as an epic to lvl 20 would be too hard.


Nope thats dimorphodon maybe add in game soon


What i think is unfair is going back to what the OP mentioned about Q. Northropi being the biggest thing ever to fly. True. It had a wingspan anywhere from 30 feet in some specimens, to a whopping 39 feet in others. By comparison, the others in its family (Azdharchidae) that the game represents - Alanqa, Aramborgiania, and Hatzegopteryx - were huge, but nowhere near the size of Q. If anything, Q should have been the epic, not Alanqa.


Oh! Sacrosanct words. Quetzalcoatlus had to be Epic! So things are, give us an Epic G2 Q, at least.


As for why the sounds are all the same for the big pteros, it’s a lot easier to use the same sound for similar creatures than it is to make completely unique sounds for each individual animal. There’s a lot of this in JWA. The raptors and dilophosaurs share the same sound, the stegosaurs do the same, so do the sauropods like Apatosaurus and Amargasaurus.

This strategy isn’t game-breaking, but is more of a way to keep the game data at a small enough size that it will fit on most phones. Audio files may not seem too big, but enough of them piling up can make a game too big for phones after awhile. The same with adding new models and graphics. They usually have to keep most of that data on their servers, but even still, those have a finite data capacity.


dimorphodon hopefully will be introduced as its on the loading screen as long as it has decent stats


It’s apparently in the game code, i think they’re introducing a few at a time. Don’t want to add a lot all at once. That might crash the app.


All the raptors get the exact same sounds. All the stegosaurs get the exact same sounds. And so on and so on. It saves time in development. And as for it being an epic, why? Because it was big? Sarcosuchus was big. Stegosaurus was big. Triceratops was big. Look up how these compare to the likes of gryposuchus, kentrosauruss and sinceratops respectively. Size =/= epic in this game.


Not necessarily because it was the biggest of the Azdharchid pterosaurs, but because Quetzal is the best known of all of them. You would want her to be the epic, because she’s the one most people are familiar with. It’s a reputation thing.


No cause it was big and powerfull and cause fans digg it. So goes with rexy more powerfull jaws than any land animal… Yeah and trike should have made it epic instead of some petty sinoceratops that’s much less smaller lighter and less muscular…and the meter long horns quite deadly I’d say instead of Sinos stubby spike on the nose. Stego is big but dumb, though more hefty than kentro. Kentro has those long back spikes so it earned epic. And about the sound I know they have to save space but they at least could have used the same frikking sound as the peteradon, cause it so much stronger than the chirping off those other ones… I’m just saying that not every thing is perfect but it could be made better.

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