Why does the price of incubators rise as you level up?


I don’t understand why the incubator prices rise so much when you level up - the incubator contents don’t change. You are not able to collect more bucks and you don’t gain any resources (without paying money) that allow you to purchase more incubators at higher levels. And yet, in order to actually level up your dinosaur, you often need 5 or 10 times the DNA you needed at the beginning.
So, it seems like the higher your level, you are essentially paying more money for a product that actually does less than when you first started.
Am I wrong? Is there something I’m missing?


You are incorrect. You DO get increased resources.


The incubator price increases as your level increases. However, you get slightly more DNA in your incubator offerings than you would if you were a lower level. Consider today’s gold Strike Tower event: level 11 players received slightly more Epic DNA than those at level 9 or 10.

It’s just like with darting creatures; level 11 players are able to harvest more DNA per direct hit than lower-level players. It’s not a significant increase, but when you’re darting Epic and Legendary creatures, 1-2 DNA could make all the difference.

All that being said, most of the incubators are not worth the real-money investment. They’re a lot of expense for only a slight chance of reward. I recommend saving up your in-game bucks and investing in coins, or maaaybe those one-time level-up offers, if you so choose.


My suggestion is don’t buy the expensive incubators that don’t actually give you the great DNA they tempt you with. IMHO the best use of real money is for the VIP at $10 per month. The longer battery life coupled with the extended range means you can dart more dinos and rack up about double the DNA as a non-VIP.


Simply to make Ludia more money. The higher level you are. The more invested you are into the game. And if your more invested into the game the more likely you are to buy a item. There more to it. But you get where I’m going with it.


As I recall most of the Level Up Incubators have offered good value for money COMPARED with buying cash, coins, incubators separately - certainly on a couple of recent ones the coins received plus the coins received when you used the cash far far exceeded what you could buy with real world money; and then you had the DNA.

That said though they shoot up rediculously - I have weakened and bought 2 or 3 but the last one for levelling up to 14 was £45.99!!! Ok, I think the net coin gain was around half a million coins but even so - too rich for me.

Personally I would have thought they would sell far more at £4.99 then they would at £45.99 to the point where they would make more profit. But, these guys must know what model makes the most profit … all I know is having spent as much over time as I would on a new release console game I will not be spending any more … if will power holds.