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Why does this game enable players to harass other players?

We need an option to shut off communications with other players during PvP because these communications are is Ludia enabling players to harass other players. I’m not sure what Ludia thought they were doing when they added the communication system, but all it is is people spamming laughing emojis when they use a Coriolis to give their team death wards. It isn’t a surprise guys. Everyone knew she was a broken character within a day or two of her appearance. It is irresponsible of Ludia to force players to keep the communication system when the only way anyone uses it is to harass other players.

Dont worry, once your trophy score gets to over 4000 you will never see another human player


Does the Mute option not work for you?
I use it and I don’t get emotes from PvP opponents.

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Yeah, and then you’ll learn that the truly annoying character is the Pikel bot with the max effect Keoghtom’s ointment that restores the whole board every other turn.


It does not work. Indeed I noticed that thing yesterday, and I had it set to off already. I clicked and I clicked and still nothing.

As long as the player doesn’t send a worry emote, tell me good job, and then send the laughing emote like they’ve done something I didn’t expect when their broken character wins the match. Like dude you were three levels higher than me had Coriolis, Halbanet, and the wizard, and I didn’t have any of them. I expected to lose as soon as the teams loaded.

Sounds like the real issue you’re describing isn’t the emojis, but the broken matchmaking system though. To keep sane after yet another ridiculous matchup, I either put down my device to let the match play out by itself or try and make it drag out as long as possible for my opponent (i e waiting for the timer to come down all the way before moving back a grid). If you’re spamming me with emojis while you’re clearly overpowered I’m making you suffer through a tedious match.

We’ll both. I remember when they added messages, and it was like, “Why not fix some of the game’s problems instead of adding something no one was asking for?”

So I put in a complaint ticket about. Apparently you have to set communications to off on every new match. Horrible design guys. If I set it to off why would you think I want it to come back on?

Muting the opponent is always my first move as soon as the match loads. I’ve gotten in the habit of doing this so I even mute bots.

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I find it pretty easy to just ignore it. I play with the sound off anyway so that’s not an issue and I’m usually to wrapped up in the battle and planning the next moves to be bothered.

I play with sound off also. Didn’t even think about the fact that emotes probably have annoying sounds

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