Why does this screen exist?

To this day i do not know what the screen means nor why it is in the game? You already search for an opponent so now i have to wait for them to be ready? Is there an exclusive button I don’t know about that asks them if they are ready and they can say (yes/no/ignore). You literally have to wait one minute and hope it doesnt happen again. When the timer hits zero there should just be an option to hit AI like the searching for opponents screen, its just a colossal time waster


Big annoyance for me - either an opponent is found and if they arent paying attention, its there tough luck, start the battle or if not count down on the previous screen to an ai fight.

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Been happening a lot lately and I wish Lydia would just make it go to an AI battle instead of telling me, “ah too bad, you wasted a minute of your life just putzing around. Now here’s a match against level 30 fully boosted”

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It’s just so frustrating. I already have to spend time looking for an opponent and now i have to wait foe them to be “ready”. Once the waiting starts its a free fall, the next five battles will also time out even if you close the app. A gigantic time waster.

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I’ve been getting that a lot lately as well.
It happens more often when I’ve just come back to the app from having it in the background.
Also when I try and start a match right after finishing one.
Also just whenever it wants.
……. It happens a lot :neutral_face: