Why does this take 10 events to unlock?

I know why it’s this way but it should be changed they both give the exact same prizes but the other one requires 10 events to unlock and after that you need to win 4 battles instead of 2, Ludia can you please increase the prizes or something for the one that takes 10 events and 4 battles?


The quantity of what you get is higher in the ten one.

It use to be commons and rares vs super rares and legendary, but they changed that and nerfed the rewards.

They are NOT worth playing. Like almost gyrosphere not worth play, but at least from time to time a worth while gyrosphere comes up.

I miss them the way they were.


I know, I don’t understand why they kept the rewards the same. aswell as this they made each entry cost $50 instead if being free. The 2 battle one is only $30 and its the same rewards :slight_smile:

Its ten bbs, not 10 events.

I mean is that not 10 events? same thing