Why does Tryko crit so much?

Seems to me that even at 30% chance (it is 30, right?), it gets the critical hit way more than that.

Counter attack - CRIT!
Attack - CRIT!
Counter attack - CRIT!

I have played with my dracoceratops quite a bit, which has a 66% chance of stun on swap-in… it never works as often as the tryko, 30% crit chance. The old monostego had 33% stun (if I recall) - that never seemed to work at all! Tryo, with increased crit chance seems to hit it less than tryko… The only one that seems to get the critical when it increases its chance is spinotasuchus.

I am just imagining things, or anyone else feel this way?

It mostly feels that way because it has so many chances to crit with the counter. I haven’t noticed mine doing much outside of the 30%.


I feel like mine never crits lol. If it does, it’s usually on the counter


Yeah, its sheer staying power combined with at least 1 attack per turn means lots of chances for that 30% to kick in.

That all sounds reasonable. Must just seem like it.

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at chance of 2 attacks per turn of Tryko and 30% crit that I assumed at least 1 of 3 attacks from her would be a critical.

Yes, She will crit you much and crit you more. (same goes as me)

come on people it’s just bad luck, i have tryko and sometimes hit the crit and sometimes don’t, and the fights in general i receive more crits that i land

He crit a lot and a counter crit of 1k+ hurt a lot everytime…

with every dino i only get crits if i’d kill the other dino with out. it has 100 HP left and I’m doing 1000 damage, will crit every time. it has 1100 HP left, never getting that.

or erlidomonius will crit for 7700 (why?) and then get one-shotted the next turn because it has no HP.

tryk just gets a lot of hits, so i think it’s crit rate looks inflated.