Why doesn’t Ludia address the worse part of the game?


I guarantee every single player hates this worse than a root canal.

Getting 10 and 20 fuse DNA on legendary and epic fuses! Or getting 10 and 20 when you need thousands!

I have fused 10,000 (something like that) and never saw above 70 and only saw 70 once!

This is indeed the worst part of the game mechanics

I understand that those numbers are perfect for beginning and low level players but not those level 13 and above and certainly no where near appropriate for a level 17 like myself!

DO Something about it!


Unique should be 30 min
Legendary 20 min
Rest 10 minimum


Don’t mind the 10s,but if you are going to give me lots of 10s then reduce what you are asking


I have a great idea! Reduce the amount of DNA needed to get a fuse!

indoraptor need 500 raptor instead of 2000

Instead of 500 common 200

instead of 200 rare 100


No, that’s ridiculous

I can get 500 raptor in 2 encounters…

That’s not the problem, the problem is the amount for fuses


Why! they don’t seem capable to change the fuse amounts you get!


Gimme a break dude I just threw a number out there

How about 1000


The number isn’t the problem!


Your missing the point!

They need to do something! Anything will help!


You don’t really care about this do you? You only care about arguing! I am trying to push a point across that the system has to change. As long as it’s a change for the better who cares what it is!


Not that I don’t care about it… just that I shot down your proposal in the process


Explain why it’s a bad proposal to lower the needed ingredients

Not everyone is a super darter like you!

I fact I would say the majority of players are not


Because then it’ll be easier for lower level players to obtain unique dinosaurs therefore rendering the grind everyone’s already put in useless?


Than base it on your level


Another thought:

Rare Fuses 10-50% , 20-30% , 30-15% etc etc
Epic Fuses 10-40% , 20-20% ,30-10% etc etc
Legendary 10-30% , 20-15% ,30-10% etc etc
Unique 10-20% ,20-10% ,30-20% ,40-20%

U got the point,based of the rarity the 10s will have smaller probability to appear


Your entire point is pointless…
I’ve told you exactly what to do.


Problem solved… bring me the next ignoramus


Honestly I would lose my :poop: if they reduced the dna required down to 500 to fuse an indoraptor after busting my butt and being close to unlocking it. Let alone the people who’ve done so and have it at a higher level.


Exactly @Heather

I’ve not darted 50000 odd raptor for Dave from Devon to come along and have one by next week


Civility gentleman, we’re all just trying to make the best of our days on this big blue marble.


Keep in mind it goes beyond unlocking them!

I couldn’t wait to get the Monomimus now lt will take another 3 months to level up!