Why doesn't the Indominus have a better superhybrid?

As most people know, the Indominus Rex is the tried and true icon of Jurassic World. He rivals the T-Rex in a lot of ways. Why then, does he not have a better superhybrid? Not to dename the Erlikdominus and Indoraptor, but I feel both Indominus superhybrids could be better. If they won’t improve the old ones, why not make a new one? It could work, seeing how the Nodoapatosaurus out of nowhere gets not 1, not 2 but 3 superhybrids! So if a guy like that can have 3 superhybrids, the Indominus could have one too. My idea is maybe there could be an Indominus Rex GEN 2. He could have more health, more damage, 114 speed, and 30% Critical Chance. The fusion would be part Indominus and part T-Rex so he could have better moves like Defense Shattering Rampage and still keep Immunity. He could be the Indominous you never had. Other minor details like appearence doesn’t matter. Just make sure it has Defense Shattering Rampage, Cloak, and Immunity.

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This creature will be too overpowered. With immunity you can’t slow, distract or stun it. With DSR, a shield has no use. With cloak, the damage is devastating. You cannot counter it effectively only with a nullifier.

And that is before applying boost to this creation lol.

This idea sounds like the definition of OP.

Lose the immunity

All right. No Immunity. Anything else?