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Why doesn't the trophy count tally with the actual one?

My actual trophy count is higher than the one JWA states on the leaderboard but it doesn’t update to being so. Why Ludia?
My complaint is this: My “actual” trophy count is 5614 now. It states 5579 on the leaderboard. I was at 5617 before I lost one and won one battle…ending at 5614. Since the NEW leaderboard registers my highest score, I should be at 5617 and not 5614 or 5579 but it has yet to acknowledge it, which is why I am stuck at 5579 trophies (at the team leaderboard) & 5614 in the JWA leaderboard. Shouldn’t I be at 5617 instead?

Is it so difficult for Ludia’s team of brilliant programmers to code it so that the trophy count stays up to date?

Is anybody out there facing the same dilemma?