Why don’t we get giganyx in the free pass?

So last season we got thoradolasaur in the free pas and we were able to unlock it completely. Why not do that for giganyx i grinded hoping I’d get it just to realize at level 29 you don’t get it. Really disappointing. And I have to buy coins cuz the game just doesn’t give me coins anymore which is annoying so I cant unlock multi fusion even thought I have over 180 Dino’s and 51 of them Can be leveled up but the coin supply just doesn’t keep up.

So that the arena isn’t run by another unique


Giving out Thor last month for free actually was the problem. Not repeating the same for Giga at least is an improvement.

But still the pass distributes too much DNA to players in early arenas.


I thought so too but still kinda annoying there’s no real way to get it now unless I buy coins or the pass either way it’s gonna cost me

I mean, they sre giving you the lesser of the rarities for free jn hopes you buy into the other. Thir was free because mortem existed

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I think because the last pass offered a legendary, a unique and an apex while this one offered a legendary and a unique

Well, isn’t grinding for DNA and coins the purpose of the game?


I think there was enough Gigano event for everybody to create Giganyx.

Edit: sorry didn’t notice you were Lvl 10

Instead of complaining spin supply drops, donate DNA and battle in the arena for coins… You already got 150 DNA at level 10, it should have been 75 to be fair. Why are you still level 10? Did you start this account this month?

I’m not better, I’m level 11…

Maybe because of the current tournament that will spew out more Giganyx DNA? Or that it’s a Mega Hybrid?

Yeah but not if all your hard work can be put to shame by spending money on the game

What do you mean?

I started 2 months ago the problem is my coins even after spinning hundreds of drops I’d be lucky to get more than 30 from each. I’m also on level 21 in the campaign and have 180 creatures and basically every epic in the game. So I don’t know why I’m level 10 but it’s mainly just coins I have 51 creatures waiting to be leveled up but it costs so much.

Yup leveling up is a pain. Is there any other way to level up quickly? Or is it just leveling up your Dino’s?

A: The company thought that since the Giganyx tournament would give Giganyx DNA, they decided that the pass should be edited so that there wouldnt be tons of Giganyx DNA compared to chunks

B: Since Giganyx is a Mega Hybrid as to Thor being a Super Hybrid, they thought they should give less DNA in spite that Giganyx is harder to get than Thor

C: Both reasons

Ludia has said this before that since the Tyrant pass was the first pass, it would contain more reward than the upcoming pass…

You need to optimise your use of coins to maximise the XP you generate. You should read the below. Every week that passes where you don’t level up, you are missing out on the weekly missions, battle incubators, alliance championships, etc, etc. The first priority when you start the game is to get to level 20 as fast as possible (3-4 months is achievable without VIP). Supply drops for instance give out 15k coins per day and event supply drops 7.5k coins per day when you are level 20. I don’t remember exactly but I guess it must be 7.5k and 3.75k per day when you are level 10. You have to max those every day.

Alright I’m going to read it because just leveled up 20 Dino’s and it barely went up I’m thinking if I upgrade all my Dino’s I should get over half way last lvl 10

It’s been a while but from what i remember the most efficient is to multi fuse hybrids needing 2 common creatures. When I did it unlocking multi fuse was only at level 17 but i think Ludia dropped this requirement so it is much easier now to get to level 20 than before.