Why don't fierce creatures have resistance to DoT

Think about it. Cunning creatures have resistance to damage reduction, resilients have resistance to speed decrease, stun and vulnerability, and fierce don’t have resistance to their own moves. This is probably why fierce creatures are crappy in the meta right now, and also they have no defense.

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thor, indominus, indominus gen 2, mortem, edaphosaurus, dimetrodon, mmagnapyritor, monolometrodon, allo gen 2 has Dot resistance


More probably should, as long as bleeders as a whole keep improving. Bleeders themselves should at least resist DoT. I wouldn’t say that this is why fierce are bad right now: until 2.8, bleed was basically a non-factor. I actually wouldn’t even say fierce are bad. Fierce are very strong in lower rarity tournaments, there just aren’t really any fierce to begin with in the endgame meta. Maybe a bit one-note, but not bad.


Only one Fierce is immune from damage over time. The Indominus Rex.

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your wrong edaphosaurus, secodontosaurus, dimetrodon, magnapyrritor, allo gen 2 has immunity to Dot as well


I’d say stun is neutral,

Thor, Utarinex, and Refrenantem have acces to it without being classified as resilient.


Plus stun resistance is all over the place, it isn’t more prevalent in one class or another. If anything, you would expect it to be found the most on fierce dinos if it was resilient, but it may actually be more common on cunnings.

Sorry forgot about them.

this is link to see all creatures