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Why don't ludia listen


4 dinos over 2 days… it’s just ridiculous

Galamimus is the ONLY Dino anyone is going for on Monday and Tuesday… but getting 48 attempts in 2 days when you have the possibility of 1 of 4 dinos at a supply drop is just impossible…

Why don’t they change the format!! Give us the choice of picking a dinosaur when we click on the event supply drop…
It would solve all problems for people with limited supply drops.



Because then we might as well go back to the 1 dinosaur per day event, and not give players the option to decide which Rares and Epics they want to target–even if there are multiple Rares and Epics with hybrids worth targeting…Gotta work and put in the time to get the reward–Ludia doesn’t have to baby players and make things easy for us…That’s not their job.

Yeah, it’s a little frustrating to sift through all the creatures you don’t want, but it’s better than NOT having the events completely…


People have lives… end of story


I guarantee you have got a huge park with loads of supply drops or you wouldn’t be saying that. Fact

People have lives…

Some people have 1 park in their town with say 5 drops,
So 48 attempts over 2 days.
If you’re lucky you’re getting to use 10 attempts… and even if you haven’t got a job and you’ve got time to go out to parks every day, if youve only got limited supply drops, NOBODY is going to the park 2 or 3 times a day ITS NOT PRACTICAL.


I agree 100% on this one Carl! Which for us is unusual :joy:! They had irritator I was so excited wow 48 attempt even as bad as I dart I was going to level up my pyritator a bunch! I go to my park and it’s huge!

4 irritator. I researched to find out the spawn redo is 3 hours I realized that 48 was BS since I didn’t want trex gen 2 btw there were 6 of those at any time and in many places 2 together!

Long story short with the 11 I collected on day one and the usual 10 dna fuse BS I barely level pyritator 1 time

I scrapped any plans to go again because the park isn’t a 24 hour place and I calculated how much I could possibly collect with an average of 20 fuse and 100 dna collecting from darting wasn’t worth another all day long in the park project

The issue I see is they purposely lower the spawns of the most desired ones and increase the least popular ones!


The last part of that comment is spot on!! Barely any trex at supply drops for me this week


Oh what to choose what to choose :joy::joy:


Shambles isn’t it …


I have 15 green stops that I can hit in 30 minutes by my house and work on a college campus with 12 that I can hit on breaks and lunch (x3 loops = 36 in a work day.)

So, total over two days assuming one loop at the house, is 102 green stops. I have never hit more than 25 when I am going for only 1 dino of the 3 or 4 options. Partly because of that 102, about 15-20 won’t even have a dino when I pass by.

Yeah, this split sorta sucks. I can only assume this big split is intentional so people buy the crappy event incubators.


Of course it is… it’s all about money with ludia


I plan on going 4 times getting 12 each time.

Just a shame the other commons are so useless. If they put in all hybrid-able dino’s everthing would be worth going for.


It’s great to have so much variety to choose from at special event dro…oh nevermind. :woman_facepalming:


That confirms it for me, they’ve changed the format… surely… everyone is only seeing 1 Dino at a time


Not 100%

I have 4/4 monos at one spot at work, but another area I see (but can’t reach) on my commute had 1 gally, 1 mono, and 1 empty. They sure seem clustered more than in the past, but it isn’t universal.

ETA: It just occurred to me that the one I saw on the commute could have been in the process of respawn, and a bit later they were all the same again.


As I said, I understand the frustration…but it doesn’t pay to get worked up over anything and everything. Life’s too short for that.

Yeah, people have lives, but it’s just a game.

Best of luck and happy hunting.


I can see four stops from where I am and at once there’s a dilophosaurus, at the one beside it there’s a gallimimus, there’s a diplocaulus at the one closest to me, and at the other one there’s a mono. So if they changed the format, they definitely didn’t change it for everyone.


Can confirm differences. These four were all monos an hour ago. Now a dip, a loph, and 2 gally


Well let’s hope it stays like that… still a crap format when people only want the galamimus.
Guarantee that’ll be the hardest one to come across haha


Plenty of stops in the park near me. Got 38 odd galli last time.


Well If you camp out at a park for a few hours the dinos do spawn back after like 30 mins or so…