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Why don't people understand

I feel angry & upset when people say i can’t place any of my dino’s in top level sanctuaries. That is why i ask for alliances with no rules on sanctuaies. It’s a game & it should be fun.

First of all, do you know why they tell you that?


Different alliances have different rules. I’m in a alliance that only allows certain people to place in Sanctuaries and it benefits everyone because its done by a vote and it allows everyone to gain high amounts of DNA due to overleveled creatures


building a lv 20 sanc is a lot of work. planning, timing, having high level and boosted creatures to get the most out of each interaction. and single alliances have trouble getting to that point so they co-op with other alliances. They set rules on those sancs so that they can be built up without mishaps. one wrong dino can throw off the whole thing which can mean the difference between 20 dna per day and 100 dna per day (on epics)


If you want a free-for-all situation, you need to find an alliance that does NOT have any level 20 sanctuaries. It’s that simple, and there are no exceptions.


Maybe you should change the tittle of this thread to why i cant place any Dino on lvl 20 sanctuaries.


U know also that u dont have to fip your own dinos to get dna rite. U can fip other people’s dinos and u get the dna.

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Also the return DNA you get is the same whatever the level of the sanctuary.
Or is it that the creatures you want to FIP aren’t in the high level sancturies?

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Clearly you have no idea how sanctuaries work and how hard it is to build high level sanctuaries.

So don’t get angry and upset, learn a bit more about how they work and maybe volunteer to help build the high level sanctuaries.

I would suggest the rest of the alliance that work so hard to build the high level sanctuaries would be way more upset with players who just want to put their dinos in regardless.


How much do y’all get per fip on epics in those crazy lvl 20 sancs



you know

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That’s all? Isn’t it like a ton of work to get a level 20 sanc swapping people in and out and stuff?

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Now I want level 20 sancs lol

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19 compared to my sanc (lv 7) of 11
it doesn’t seem like much, but over the course of almost 2 weeks it adds up.


Over time it really adds up.

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I suggest finding a nice casual Alliance which doesn’t require such things.

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In my case: our level 20 sanctuary it takes 7 alliances working together. Teams usually if 3 or 4 players are in place in each alliance to place those dinosaurs. We all have set timers and alarms to notify us when a Dino is due to be returned so we can replace it, and not someone walking or driving past the sanctuary or some random player that decides to use it. Each alliance has to vote, the votes are then counted, all takes time and dedication of the team that is helping his or her alliance reach this dna mine for two weeks. And then we start again. And Again. And again. So if you decide to place your Dino because you feel like it, then another alliance looses a spot that they have worked for too and need to have for visibility… I hope this clears that up.


I believe she even started her and left because she didn’t like it.

Also just FYI you don’t have to join an alliance to play. You can have all the freedom you want.


How many trophies do you have