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Why don't people understand

Same here, My alliance does the same

Mate, if you want to place in a high level sanctuary, you do it.

I place in our level 20s all the time and noone tells me off.

Do what makes you happy dude.


7 months since your last post, and this is what you return with? :laughing:


Uhh. I think either your alliance is breaking the rules of your sanc provider, or you are breaking the rules of your alliance lol

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It should be fun you’re right. But there are 24 slots in a sanc. Our co op has 600 members so it all comes down to a vote on what goes in there. You also need to make sure that ever alliance can see the sanc so if you place and take that slot for them then that could be 50 people that no longer get that sanc because it was more important for you to have fun then them. A lot of work go into these things. Why does yours have to go in the lv 20 and not a lv 1. In 48 hours you get the same return


And alliances are all about collaboration, and focusing on yourself is the oposite of that, and alliances don’t want people doing whatever they want as it messes with their plans with other alliances and within their alliances too


not all alliances allow that. especially if there’s a co-op going on and there were votes on what would be in it. (usually 2 of a species for multiple different dinos) if the alliance says its against the rules, doing so is a sure fire way to get kicked. it’s better to find an alliance that you can work well with, not make people mad because you wouldn’t follow simple guidelines.

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:woman_facepalming:t3: you are scheduled placer :joy:


I’m not bullying you Bev… just explaining the reason alliance leaders ask you not to place Dinos in the level 20 sanctuaries. I played when the game didn’t have alliances and I had fun. I waited to start my alliance didn’t think it was a good idea. The I made one and it took about 1 year to get into level 20 sanctuary Co-op builds. So take your time and play how you like. A lot of alliances are trying to get better rewards for their alliance and that requires rules and regulations. If your not into that yet then don’t join one. Or At least don’t complain that they have them.

In all seriousness, 19 DNAs per FIPs is meagre. The Devs should seriously consider giving better returns on our FIPs. As of now, it will take ages to level up our creatures that require exclusive DNAs.

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I had the same discussion with Bev when talking about a space in our alliance. She doesn’t like rules.

That’s fine as it’s your choice, but you can’t expect to get high level rewards and the benefits of level 20 sanctuaries when you don’t understand how they work.

As advised previously and stated above - the planning and coordinating from numerous people to get a level 20 sanctuary is crazy. We joined a co-op and now benefit from 3-4 level 20s. Prior to that the highest was 7 and it was a free for all as to what was going in there.

Having a rule to create and maintain a level 20 sanctuary doesn’t remove fun. It actually keeps the other 49 people in your alliance and 300 in the other 6 or so happy!

We lost a member of our alliance a week or so ago and his parting comment was how far our alliance had come and that it was going places (no idea why he left! :thinking::rofl:) and coordinated raiding and sanctuaries were a massive part of that.


I agree it’s a game and it should be fun, anyway Ludia sets the rules, and until these rules change the alliance leaders will do what they want when they want, and they will put their rules or not, after all, every you build your team for yourself and when you decide to put a creature in sanctuary it’s because you need it to level it up or create a hybrid, and I don’t think that’s why it makes you want to annoy other people, when this game is individual where everyone they want to win and they never want to lose, even though there are points shared with other players like raids and weekend tournaments.

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It seems presumptuous to also assume that what you think is fun about the game is the same as everyone thinks is fun. I think the awesome people who help coordinate our co op sanctuaries find some of their own joy in doing that. Others of us enjoy over leveling stuff not just for tourney but to assist with those sanctuary builds. Working with several other groups toward something that benefits everyone is awesome. But that’s just a thing about me, I like to try to help people. I find joy in that. Rules about sanctuary placements are the least of my issues around this game.


I didn’t want to start a new thread I thought I’d just complain here.

I felt angry & upset when i place my dino’s in top level sanctuaries. I have been doing co-op for over a year and can get quite exhausting when its only 2 people maintaining our shares for 3 level 20 sanctuaries. That is why i asked 2 more players from my alliance to help. It’s a game & it should be fun. If it wasn’t for ARK making things so easy and coordinated I’d probably not have the dinos I have. Great group of people over at the ARK.

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