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Why dont we all stop?

with the absolute mess this game has becomes, and with the massive suffering and anger the player base is going through, why dont we all just stop playing. i dont mean permanently. most of want to love this game again. but if we want action, why dont we all cancel VIP. stop spending a cent. stop battling and stop tournaments. bring the game to a hault. will probably get more attention than the valid complaining on this forum


But I need my Daily Battle Incubator to get my 4 Attack, Defense, and Speed Boosts.

It only takes 1.4 years to fully boost a creature to level 10. I can get my team of 8 to the max in just over 11 years. Your idea will make it take longer.


But don’t forget boost strike events, and sales too. That’ll shave off a few years.

It all depends what you come here for as to how much of an issue things are. There are problems that need resolving I admit though.

1.7 has had some severe teething problems but they are slowly being ironed out. Boosts are the only real issue that needs to be fixed right now. That is why people are getting angry. Boosts support a fully P2W approach and supports the fully competitive player base.

I’m in the minority as I came here to hunt and collect dinosaurs. For what I get I’m happy to support the game though a small monthly VIP subscription.


Why don’t we cancel VIP? Done that when 1.7 wrecked darting…though that is fixed. I was considering resuming but then boosts so, yeah nah.

As for quitting, well I did that for a few months when I got burned out from grinding like crazy, came back 1 week before 1.7 dropped, lucky me ay? Game has been horrible ever since!

Edit: Arena used to be my favourite aspect of the game, other than hunting. You know, learning what counters each meta relevant dinosaur and this and that! Then they added boosts so thats all gone out the window since now players just make up their own stats so strategy is pointless and balance is nonexistent now.

Now some nights I go to bed without an incubator even cooking…because I don’t wish to get my 26 Indoratpr that I spend ages getting raptors for at night, to be one shotted by a noob level 21 Thor with a billion damage. Losing 500 matches before I finally get my 15 minute incubator -_-!

I went for LOVING arena, to dreading it!

Basically boost Thor and Rat to win.

As I say: “If you can’t Strat it, rat it!”


I agree with Colin on this. Except I like battles win lose or draw I like the fight!


I was going to cancel VIP after Darwin.
Irritator week with Kentro as a side held me back.
I can justify $10 for that.
As long as they give me stuff I need to dart, I’ll hold on to it.


I canceled VIP a few weeks ago.

Cut back on playing, don’t care if I hit my dailys.

Started the refund process, many hundreds of dollars.

This pretty much did it for me, it solidified my belief that these are not accidents, but rather they are planned money grabs. Read the red circled comment from one of the developers:


The only way to fix this game is to stop paying and playing.


Ahh but they’ve got people hooked (on what ‘was’ a fairly good fun game) so they expect more. I think I’ve achieved everything one can as free to play, I was proud that my team made it to the final arena and I had fun while it lasted. I think internal problems at Ludia have lead to the tragic introduction of the stat-modifiers this game didn’t need, so it’s more systemic than just a few game balancing issues can rectify now. Not sure if the middle-management have even come to terms with the fact that thier cash cow is irrecoverably broken. As for giving what … £100 a year in VIP into this project I thought anyone would be crazy paying such exorbitant subs for frankly little benefit, let alone over-priced incubators. As a F2P gamer it’s been quite fun (with it’s measures of frustrations - dealt my middle managements development decisions). Now it’s pretty obvious they’re making a grab for as much money as they can leech from thier playerbase before it all goes down the pan.

Yes I totally endorse to STOP PAYING FOR ANYTHING in JWA until they can give us a workable, playable and fun product like they originally presented us with.