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Why don't you keep adding non disosaures to the game?

Some of those reptilian existed before the “dinosaurus period” and are the exception about the dinosaures family and flying reptiles,Can it be an interesting idea to add others creatures out of “cretaceous jurrassic trias” period?
I would like to have your thought.

  • A:Yes,non dinosaures could be interesting feathure
  • B:No,this game is designed only for dinosaures
  • C:I don’t care
  • D,the answer D

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No to get to the eventual end no no mastodons or titanaboa.

If it lived with the dinosaurs OK. That like 300 million years of animals to choose from. So there is a time line of available for this.

And that’s not for you op you were clear in that intent.

That’s for the other who want smilodons

But on the topic of thing like that have you noticed that this game is close to 3/4s aquatic based prehistoric animals?

Oh of course i understand it!Of course i did’nt look about the plaeocene and after!and neither about aquatic live forms,keeping crocodiles(crocodiles for example aren’t dinosaures )is good enough!
There were lots of others reptilians live form before dinosaures: moschops,purlovia,lystrosaurus,placerias,cynodontia,gorgonopsid,eryops,mastodonsaurus,metoposaurus,titanosuchus,edaphosaurus,lycaenops…
there is really plenty of choice so i won’t do a list and its not my goal,but adding just a few of them can be nice and add more variety to this game!!
pulmonoscorpius,mesothelae aswell but i don’t think for those since they are not part of the reptiles liveform!!

To be honest there were giant millipede around munching on the earliest tiny Dino’s so you could stretch to that…

Or maybe a graboid… *its a Precambrian life form *


This comes up infrequently and the consensus is that just dinosaurs, pterosaurs, marine reptiles (hopefully soon) and similar prehistoric reptiles (dimetrodon…etc) are fine. Adding mammals and others of the like, just isn’t wanted.

So no graboids? :cowboy_hat_face::rofl::joy:

No graboids, shriekers or a**blasters either. :slight_smile:

SMH none at all I think this is all do to the fall of the Soviet Union

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We’ve already got mudworms. Why not sandworms?

Because this is prehistarical earth not arakas…

Young master atredes

I was thinking more like cheesy 90’s. lol

Graboid is what they called the worm thingies in the Tremors movies.

Yeah lol but you can’t say sand worm with out also making a dune reference lol.


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This is a complete sentence

What do you answer when you like the D reference but dont want the creatures? :grin: