Why everybody have now trykosaurus, diorajasaurus,magnapyritor etc


Seriously did today like 30+battles and 80% of teams had they, and some guys had they at 26-29 lvl lol, what insane amount of dna so difficult to find do you need to do that, also some guys had too insane lvl uniques, examples:

Where are the bans? I got my 24 h incubator today and decided to not fight more since they do something lol


What s the name of your opponent?


They are few opponents but i didnt screenshoot all the op dinos of each guy, i can find they in recent matches but i not going to do that because i havent any proof of cheat perhaps they only wasted 40 000 dollars in game but i boubt. Is easy to indentify who cheat because they usually have all the t rex family dinos over leveled and the others dinos just average level. If you wsste 40 000 dollar you have dna of all dinos not only t rex


All of the hackers are coming out of the woodwork and flaunting. Ludia needs to get rid of them.


i met a lot of tryko level 25 or higher…hitting me ver badly


i think paying 40 k one still cannot gather all of them! esp those who have more than 3 uniques over lvl 25! people whose player level is not high but having a lot of high level uniques are very suspicious cheaters! ludia can just check their pay bill and double check the creatures they have…the time they spend online, how many hunts they did…blah blah blah…that’s not difficult!

some 5000 players i beated them several days ago, today i check their dino teams…suddenly upgraded to level 25-27 uniques…


And can you explain that? I fought him in arena 8, How is this possible?


Had something like this too. Not sure, maybe a bot?