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Why for the past two months do I typically see one dino to dart?


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Those are the improved spawn mechanics introduced in 1.5 to make the game more exciting.

Cant you feel the excitement?


Would love to dart those rather than Majunga all the time. Shall we trade?

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I’ll gladly trade local 2 for local 1. You can have our einia


That’s so nice. I have easy access to every local but can mostly dart l1 dinos from home


Anyone want to trade l1 for my l4? :joy:


There are perks to living in an L4. No point in buying epic scents unless your going to another local so you can save cash, considering your best spawn is a rare you can dart the best spawn for a quarter of the price.


Wanna try this instead?


Can I trade with someone in L5 please?