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Why give us a prize we can't fully have?

So there was a nice little chest of sorts surprise that popped up that was 10 Food 10 interaction and 10 Play. This is nice, but we can only have 8 interaction at a single time. So, it is a huge tease of sorts and makes no sense.


Typical Ludia…


Yup, I was also at max on food and toys and didn’t realise the thing would give me 10 of each either.

Why was this moved to Bug Reports? @Sara I do no think this was a bug. They have known the Interaction has been set to 8 since the sanctuaries have come out.

Reminds me of that fip sale they had…maybe a week or two ago. If you bought them, nowhere did it say (that I saw) that unless you use them all then, you would not be able to collect your normal fip items. Basically you could not store them, and if you bought the 100, you had to use them then or they lost value against not being able to pick up more. Being that using them again and again lessens the dna they equal, it was impossible for them to keep their value unless you went around to other peoples sanctuaries and fip’d those too, spending all 100 before it was time to collect your normal fip.

So stupid.


Sometimes I have 13. It just says that on the mpa for some reason. You can have more than 8 of each.

@RageBringer Well some alliances coordinated and shared their sanctuaries so people did not lose as much you might think.

Hey everyone, we have forwarded this to our team.

Thank you! :sweat_smile:


You would have had to FIP things you had no interest in using FIP on. Also, that would still be using other peoples sanctuaries yes? We have 3 LV 20 sancs (Ark), 24x3 = 72. I spent fip on tyranno, maia, anky, ketro, tuo-whatever (the tuo component), and a few I cannot remember their names (thyla’s rending component, the bird for quetz). Of 72 possibilities, there were 7 or 8 that were relevant to my goals. Most had at least two, so that is about 16 * 2 = 32 sets of 100 spread out among 3 LV 20 sancs. Beyond that, if I wanted relevant dna, I would have had to find some other sancs or lose value in the items by fiping early or holding and missing my normal fip. So, I disagree, I think most people would have been in a similar situation and without knowing before the purchase they either lost value or had to spend them on irrelevant dinos.

i’ve never had more than 12/12/8.

I doubt anyone has had 13 before. It works in the same way as scents, you can’t have more than 2. The ONLY time i’ve seen scents go 3/2 was when we were given a rare incubator for compensation.

The only other thing that has gone xxxx/140 was darts.

But no you can’t have more than 12 / 12 and 8.


Oh, ok. I might have been 1 off.

You can go over the Max on things only if you buy them… :wink:


Thats correct if u buy one of those bundles with the food toys interactions and a scent u go over the max. But then u cant collect any more till u get ur total down to below ur max.

These things would be much more useful without the obnoxious 3 hour delay anyway. But I agree, it’s silly giving us 10 when the max is 8.