Why grind, when Ludia will give you creatures

It is so discouraging, and really ticks me off that Ludia keeps giving away these great Unique characters every month. 4 months in a row. I bust my tail, and play the grind of FIP, darting, and every other avenue of gaining necessary DNA to to upgrade my creatures to 30. I finally get it there, only to have Ludia give it away in tournament.
4 months in a row. I am so peeved right now.
I know, people will tell me new players need valuable DNA to get caught up or whatever. Screw that. I bust my tail to get these to 30. Where is my reward? Nothing. I guess I should play the bare minimum, then I’ll be gifted great things. Sorry for the vent, and I’m sure many won’t agree with me. I just don’t like working hard for something, only for it to be gift wrapped for everyone. Then for those gifted creatures to dominate arenas (Scorpios and Phorurex) is so wrong IMO

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Scorpius and Phorurex only dominate the arena because they are really good, not because people got half a level of it for free.
When you reach tier 8 rewards which many alliances do, most you can get is a unique that you can create, or maybe level up once. You can’t say that it becomes a competition for your level 30 team.

You’re expecting Ludia to hand out uniques every month exactly tailored to your needs? The ones that only you don’t have? I honestly don’t understand your rant, it just all sounds really self-centered.


No… just don’t do this, this isn’t cool at all.

If we looked at it that way, we could be outraged every day about why we get DNA for dinos that we’ve already leveled up anyway. Rather be glad that you have a nice big team.

Btw… previous seasons didn’t help my dinos too much either, but the members of our alliance were able to get them and that’s great.


The reward is getting it first, learning how to use it, and being the go to guy in your alliance when members unlock it with questions.
Alliance rewards are useless for me too.
But that’s okay.
It’s about the Alliance.


You’ve simply got the wrong impression.
I run the maths a few months back. With the amount of DNA that Ludia gives for free you may take any unique hybrid to level 26 in a period of 9 months (give or take). Provided that you’re part of a 10/10 and T9 tournament alliance. If you’re in a lower tier alliance it’ll take you much longer.

You only need 1000 DNA to take your uniques to L26. However, it takes 2000 DNA from 26 to 30. So nope, you wouldn’t ever have a level 30 team if you didn’t hunt and FIP daily. Ludia gives away some “complimentary DNA” so all of us can taste the product, but nowhere near being meta relevant for your team… You got it all wrong :sweat_smile:


I hate that too I was in a non-competitive alliance and missed out on phorurex and skoonasaurus so now everyone has these two op creatures and I only have Scorpio

Granted Scorpio is really good but still had I have switched a month earlier I would be with everyone else

I don’t see the problem here. While everyone else unlocks the creature for free, they’re stuck at it being lvl 21 until they can actually fuse for it, while you get a bunch of DNA to level it higher than everyone else. The same thing happened to my Arctoven. I unlocked it prior to its tourney, then everyone else unlocked it afterward while I happily leveled mine to 24, with tons of extra DNA left over.

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I’m not at fusing it yet

And they got other components