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Why Gryposuchus?


Isn’t Grypo fairly new from 1.4? How did it get a hybrid so soon?

Are these guys pictured below fated to remain useless “filler” dinos for all of eternity?

They have put a lot more time into the game then Grypo has, shouldn’t they get a hybrid also?


Negative ghostrider. The more of these bad boys are out there, the less inclined they will be to make a hybrid. Mostly because a lot of people will max those hybrids out real quick. So less profit for them overall than adding new or less common dinos.


This is euch short term thinking by ludia i wish they would see that. I would be so much more inclined to purchase incubators if their was less garbage dna in them.

They copied so much from Clash royale but missed some of the key things… like even the worse cards can be found being used at the top of the ladder. There are no stiggy gen 2/bary gen 2 in clash.

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Need the garbage/useless ones to make the good look good otherwise what’s the baseline? Just good and gooder Dino’s?:joy:


That strategy works just fine for clash royale… there are no cards you cant use on ladder some might be in a weaker spot do to the current meta… but like i said there is nothing like stygi gen 2 and bary gen 2 over there…


Well you have the heal on clash royale or bomb tower :grin::grin:


Grypo is from 1.3 btw


I used bomb tower before to pass 4k trophies before it was rebalanced in the summer and heal has won me many a draft match… granted im not using either of them atm but their far from someone put a stygi gen 2 at team level and tring to play it.


Thats true CR devs really pay atention for ingame balance and bugs ludia is lazy to fix bugs but i admite they have done a good job on balances still a long road to go but its a start


This patch was a big thing moving forward… i just wish theyd focus on making some stuff a little more competitive… if all zones are gonna be flooded with rare components… diplotator and majungasuchus should be as competitive as suchotator and einosuchus.

As someone who lives and works in an l1… there primary focus should be to give zone 3 some kind of love. They dont seem to want to do a full migration so it should be done with balancing.


“One junk epic each zone” principle. Let’s see if they sign your wishlist next Christmas.

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