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Why guys

good night people, how are you?
come on…
Thoradolosaurus was murdered in this update, Ardentismaximo was monstrous practically unbeatable, depending on the level and the boosters, GER2 indoraptor was crippled the poor thing, Trykossaur remains very good, but it is the so-called super-Thoradolosaurus, which is not the only point of view or the “only” one most wants to be just a good hybrid, there is no longer any fear of causing creatures that do damage without the attribute of invisibility. Procerathomimus’s has both legs and a broken beak, he was a great dino, now the poor guy has become a nervous chicken.
Thanks for attetion!!!

I honestly have no idea what this thread is about. Are you complaining about all the changes, praising them, or both?


good night, this is not a complaint, indeed some dinos deserved a change but algina were perfect the way they were, the changes added and pleased a lot.

Good afternoon.

Time is relative. Good existence.