Why has dodge been changed from no damage to 1/3

This change disappointing takes away that feature of why that dinosaur was special.
Also if you get a successful dodge from a creature that tries to stun you , why does the stun stick it was dodged no?


To reduce “chance” in the game. Same reason as why crit chance was lowered. But it’s a bit excessive. A very good dino like Indoraptor or Erlidominus (or Indominus on lower levels) is now pretty much useless.


Ludia really has to change the names of abilities. Dodge is no longer dodge, Priority/instant is not correct since swamp-in goes first and they cannot even place the correct pictures in their event schedule XD.

Indoraptor is useless now!
Had to rearrange entire team.
I really think it is a RIP off when players spend money (actual cash), and time to upgrade a creature that then can be reduced to worthless. Shouldnt players then get refunds? Fact is, if they want to change something why not just make more creatures that beat dodge? …oh wait they did and still yet took away dodge because people cried about it being unfait. Dodge was invincible. The Thor is way mor invincible and the only thing that had a chanceneas indoraptor dodge…not now.

I barely want to play the game to know I can spend all that time to build up an dinosaur just to have it torn down in an update.

Yea, I put alot of time and money into my Indo, Thor and Erlidom…now they can barely survive, if they are gonna keep nerfing our dinos, they need to repay us for all we put into them to make it fair…I spent well over 200 bucks total on those alone…

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Exactly what I mentioned too…lots of folks spent lots of time and money on these creatures only to have them rendered uses later…its not right

Money? On a virtual item? Never!

Time is worth more than money.

Because noobs complained loud enough and Ludia listened to them ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Welcome to JWA. Nerfs happen every few months. I’ve spent money on multiple dinos over the last year that i no longer use. I have 4 level 30s that are benched now.

Indo isnt “useless” it has simply changed roles (for the record I think this change was too extreme). Indo now works best as a 2nd dino in revenge killer into a rampage similar to Gorgo.

Because Ludia.

So many dinosaurs are useless now and the change makes completly no sense. I hope that Ludia will change it back…