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Why has Dracoceratosaurus got such low HP?

I’ve been trying out this girl, and thanks to the armor and rending resistances (who wanted that and why by the way), she’s not exactly stellar.

But then I looked at her HP and I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Dracoceratosaurus Lv 24: 2993
Dracoceratops Lv 20: 3134

Why such a huge drop in health?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: no didn’t it get a buff to like 4.2 k

perhaps is due to her having cunning attacks, which causes distraction. So the lower health is like some kind of balance to that skill. the rat has fierce attacks, unable to distract, hence a bigger health pool.


That partially makes sense, but she’s only got a speed of 117 - she’ll get destroyed before she has a real chance to distract anyone.

Then there’s the false advertisement:

Very similar…


Oof hang on… @Ned, @E.D, @Isabelle !!! I THINK WE GOT AN OOPSIE


I think it was supposed to be 127

If it’s meant to be speed 127, then yeah, that makes sense. But as it stands, it’s pretty awful to have distraction techniques that you can’t get in in the first place…

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What, the speed? Would have worked better, but the main problem is they claim that the hp/attack are similar, when it seems there’s a world of difference, and very little compensation.

I wish it had a different kit, something like:
Swap In Stunning Strike

Cunning Strike
Cunning Rampage
Acute Stun
Cleansing Impact

Instead of anti-pinning, just immune to stun. I mean this thing is a bipedal triceratops, for Lord Lythronax’s sake!

Stats at lvl 26: 3900 HP, 1500 attack, speed 126 or 125.


Not to mention getting rid of that horrendous SI-Savagery. And maybe replacing it with something more useful, like a SI-Def. Strike or SI-Stunning Strike?

Yeah, I find it nearly useless. Sure, it can cut down on smaxima’s bulk, but that’s about it. And requires too much calculation just to make sure the opponent is at or below 1/4th HP. Kapro had a better swap in than that and he took down many smaximas.

SI-Savagery is really useless in this build. Not only are some dinos immune to rending attacks, the others have full armor.

SI-Savagery needs to cut through armor in order for it to be effective. Barely anything gets the full effect.


That’s why I’d rather trade it in for the stun strike (armor piercing with a set attack and a possible stun) and a rampage + more speed. It would also do procerato justice. That thing’s a speedy critter.

Hey Thylo_75, iirc, Dracoceratops only has her speed at 115.

What about the HP, though? There’s a huge difference there, and that speed doesn’t really compensate for the lack of HP, especially on a unique.

Do you mean draco unique or legendary

The Legendary Dracoceratops. :smiley:

Oh okay (10)

I was looking forward to using her but I actully find the re-worked Dracoceratops is much better for my team. That health boost and armor piercing moves are a big nerf for the Legendary rat.