Why has metahub taken away the dino level stats?

On metahub you could see all the health and damage stats per level on the dinodex. Now you can’t just the base level 26 stats. Is there a reason for this?

yeah i miss that feature… now you have to go on the discord and use the ask mr dna room. but they dissapear after awhile.

pretty sure ludia made them take that away


Recently, we have been experiencing technical difficulties with our website, and without going into details, it affected our template we were using for the Dinodex. We were able to restore the template for the moves and stats, but we are still having some problems with the stats per level.

Worry not, we are still working on finding a fix for this, but we are a small team, so it delays things a bit!

We’ll make an announcement when it’s back up! In the meantime, feel free to use our DNA bot on Discord as it pulls from images rather than from the website. So you can still have access to the stats while the website is being fixed. You can join the Discord right here! https://discord.gg/GK8j2yy

I hope this helps and thank you for your feedback and patience!


I can confirm that they did not. :wink:

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Thanks for the quick response! I wasn’t complaining :smiley: You guys probs don’t realise how much we rely on your services and the fact that ludia should hire you guys for all the right reasons. P.s how would you beat the leaked tower strikes this weekend?

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Already on it… :slight_smile: Will post an article at some point soonish. :slight_smile:

I hear it’ll be out in the next two hours :thinking:

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I’m using the Dinodex App now. You can get the stats there too.

Here I was secretly hoping it was because they were being updated for 1.5…

that’s greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

It’s up! :slight_smile: https://metahub.info/guide/3417/jurassic-world-alive-epic-strike-counter-guide-walkthrough/