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Why has support still not replied to my 2 enquiries after nearly 2 weeks?!

I have been waiting what has to be nearly 2 weeks for a reply from support. I got the generic and key email but waiting for a human response still?! I mean really is this how genuine grinders get treated?

I’m sorry to hear if you had not heard back from our support team yet, @Dingle2180. Depending on your issue, it could take some time for our team to investigate. We also recommend holding off on sending another ticket before our team gets a chance to respond as it could reset your position in their queue. However, please feel free to send me a private message of the email address you used to contact our team along with your support key, and I’d be happy to take a look for you. Thanks!

I have been grinding so hard for 5-6 months but then there’s these cheaters that just seem to get the best really fast! Where’s the enjoyment in earning a legend or unique when they’re common as suchotator??

Zone spawns and thus scent spawns are not exactly random. Certain dinosaurs like majung…diplotator…suchomimus… einos… have a much higher chance to spawn then other dinos… right behind those 4 you also have irritator gen 2 and nundasuchus. Who also have a high chance to stink up the spawns.

Buy scents especially the common ones essentially use those same spawn rates. So if you use 25 common scent while unlikely its entirely possible to get all majunga spawns.

Sadly not much you can do… nor are you gonna get anywhere with support on this issue. Might as well stop wasting your time now.