Why has the new player pop-up at the start of each match disappeared?

This was actually a good new feature and the only way of dealing with speedties. I’m sorry to the people who were disadvantaged by it, but in the same way was happy after the amount of speedtie abusing you were all doing. I’m sick of loading into a match just to lose only because someone has better internet or lives closer to the Ludia servers and I feel until Ludia fixes speedties, that this feature should be in the game. So I’m sorry to the people who are crying that they have lost 1 minute of their life, but considering you are not on the losing end where the other play is wasting 5 minutes just to lose 30 trophies, you should be grateful you have been advantaged for so long. Realistically the only people who are going to be complaining on this topic are the people who are so advantaged and let me just tell you before you write your comment, that it is really pathetic. Maybe it should be switched up every 2 weeks, the person who clicks fastest goes first and the next week the person who clicks slowest goes first, it’s time that the advantaged get a taste of what it’s like to lose to stupid speedties. I have skill that I want to use, but I can’t use it, because these skill tournaments aren’t skill tournaments, they are directed towards the players who live closer to the Ludia servers!

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it was causing some issues with the battles not loading. So ludia disabled it until they can fix it completely.

i had the non loading battles thing far too many times. And people just AFKing after VS screen appears if you’re even remotely higher in trophies (talking maybe 60 point difference).

Well I want it back, it’s my only way of dealing with speedties :sob:

how did this feature have anything to do with speedties? it just showed you, your opponent, and your current scores.


I could leave the match if I saw anyone who knew they would win because they know I always lose to speedties

well, it’s disabled until Ludia can fix the major issue with it. I would rather like to actually be able to battle than worry about leaving a match because i would loose a speed tie.

Lol, when your finger is too strong on your phone and you’re just praying you will win the speedtie, but you still fail :confused:

That is why you don’t spam your finger on your phone really hard, or you end up with a broken phone :confused:

Considering I’ve seen Ludia lock a few threads that talked about using the pre match banner information and avoid bad match ups One would think you solution was unintended.

Yes I know of what your talking about , @TheProC writes of using it for “ speedties “ but it’s not the only reason, since it’s been removed I’ve had less timeouts today

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I always lose speed ties too, but there is no way I would just keep leaving matches because the opponent is closer to Canada or is one I remember beating me in a speed tie.

The frustration of having a supposed match up then the opponent closing the app so they don’t suffer a loss is just simply ridiculous. Who in their right mind would introduce such a daft system that allows this? Some players can simply keep closing the app and refusing the match up indefinitely so where is the fun or fairness in that?

How about just getting decent servers in the first place or having a fair speed tie methodology in place?


Oh, is that what was happening; people dropping out to avoid bad matchups?
That explains a lot!

Pretty much any time I was matched with someone 60 or more trophies lower than me, the match timed out.
It never seemed to time out when I was matched with players with more trophies.

Didn’t realise people could selectively make matches time out.
If that’s what was happening, I’m glad Ludia got rid of it - blasted time wasters!


It is no more ridiculous than giving a free loss to the player who suffer to be far from canada.
Speedstie is way more ridiculous than giving up on an opponent which have 90% chance to win,because lets face it,there is 100 dino but we all play the sames 8.

Such thing wouldn’t disgust players if there were not speedstie.

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9 times out of 10 when an opponent leaves after the faceoff screen, the waiting for opponent screen pops up. we don’t get a free win for an afk player. we waif a minute for the match to time out and do it all over again.


Question: how do you know when an opponent is going to have a speedtie advantage?

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Easy,it is because you have already faced it by the past.
So,you have to get a good memorie.
I used to do it aswell,because there is no reason i would get a free loss and a waste of 3min in favor of a north american.

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Yeah, it’s horrific when it happens a few times in a row. Such a waste of time.

then you get the glitch were the battle doesn’t load a few times. Horrific waste of time and super frustrating.

I just take what comes, and whether the opponent is higher in trophies, or one I know has beaten me in speed ties, I play it.

I do understand the frustration of losing speed ties, but it’s just like the other rock, paper, scissors thing. You’re either lucky with a match up or not.

What I don’t want to do is add to the frustration of pvp by causing timeouts because I don’t fancy facing certain match ups.


What is more frustrating?

Knowing you will loose 30 trophy and waste 3 minutes of your life because there is no way to win speedstie or making both people wait 1 minute?

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