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Why hate on DRac Gen 2 when


… there are at least two other more dangerous dinosaurs with similar swap-in mechanics?

I played a game which, I have to admit, was already unbalanced against me (my team is averaged at lvl 15-16, was fighting 19/20). Annoying, and a little rude, but whatever, it happens. But this opponent used SWIs… from a lvl 19 Kaprosuchus and a level 20 Irritator Gen 2.

The Kaprosuchus is the real star here. Granted, it only did about 700 or so damage but it cleared out my dino all the same, saving theirs. Caught me off-guard, but I’m not worried. Then again… Kapro has a Cleanse it uses to get rid of its own lockdown. Worse, it’s faster and by comparison to the DG2 it’s MUCH beefier at that level. So off it goes, swaps out for a better response to MY response.

Now I know he’s coming, so I try to plan accordingly. As plans can sometimes go, mine didn’t work - but it wasn’t a wounded Kapro I was expecting that he brought in. Instead, it was an Irritator Gen 2. Another 700+ instant damage, and a solid hit point pool to get through while still being MUCH faster than a Dracorex. Either way, my shielding dinos were going to be perpetually busted because unlike the DG2, both the Kapro and Irritator have defense-shattering basics.

I was probably doomed by the level difference, if we’re being honest, but it was some excellent use of SIAs that weren’t from a Dracorex.

Let me ask you all this: why so much hate for the Dracorex Gen 2, when at least two other dinosaurs do more or less what it does but “better”?

It can’t be that the DG2 is common, because the Irritator is common.

It can’t be the 1-turn lockdown, because Kaprosuchus has a 1-turn lockdown using cleanse.

It isn’t because the DG2 is a powerhouse, because if it weren’t for the fact that the SIA is a Rampage it would be one of the most useless dinos in the game due to a low healthpool and lacklustre abilities.

Both Kaprosuchus and Irritator Gen 2 can swap in to steal a kill at better-than-instant speed, and then are FAR better equipped to be useful through the rest of the match.

Why doesn’t anyone even mention these, while DG2 has no less than 5 or so “hate” threads? It can drop one bomb and basically sits there waiting to die. The other two drop smaller bombs, but can continue to shred a team afterward.

Dracorex Gen 2 better than Dracorex?

Your missing the amount of damage a high level draco g2 can do… there is a big difference between a swap in 700 damage and a doing over 2k damage in a swap especially when at those levels it can take atleast 1 hit from most dinos in the game… to be swapped out then repeated.

Draco g2 needs 2 turn lockdown… other then that Im fine with it.


Well, 1600 at the levels I’m getting hit for 700+ by the others, but yeah, I get that it’s a big bomb.

The point is, well-played, both of the other dinosaurs have significant improvements to make it worthwhile as part of a team, and yet there are NO complaints at all. Like none. And yet at those high levels you mentioned, these two do 1K+ insta-speed shattering damage and then are actually a threat for other creatures and more likely to survive a counter-attack that a DG2 won’t.

If the 2-turn lockdown is all that’s needed to fix it, then the initial swap-in damage isn’t the real problem here because that damage is still being dealt.


it’s ability needs to be on something that isn’t a gen 2 common.


Here’s what’s wrong with it…

It moves before Priority moves, so no Cloak or Instant Charge can save you. It bypasses shields and armor. It can crit. It only has to survive 1 turn before your opponent swaps it out to be used again later.

The best part is it’s probably going to be nerfed after the update but Ludia feels like having a tournament where everybody is encouraged to level things that will be potentially receiving nerfs.


I agree, although personally I think removing it would make that dino absolutely useless. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first useless dinosaur…

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I’d be less concerned about Drac g2 getting hate and more concerned about why the opponent has a level 19 Kapro and level 20 Irritator Gen 2.


That’s the same argument that can be made for Kaprosuchus, though. That’s my point.

Everyone wants to tack on an additional turn of lockdown (which, full disclosure, I’m not opposed to), but there’s another, more resilient dinosaur that has the potential to do over 1K damage, through shields and armor, before priority moves. So why no mention at all about that?

Instead of adding an extra turn of cooldown, what if it was reduced to a strike instead of a rampage? Would that assuage the bulk of complaints, or would they still exist to hate on the critter for hate’s sake?


The problem is that it was this skill on a common. They have spent bookoo bucks on thiers and a common can do it’s thing.

The only reason they aren’t up in arms over other Dino’s is that for every other common Dino there is a perceived better replacement. So the commons get phased out by price if nothing else.


In short it offends thier elitist natures

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The thought crossed my mind, too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen high-level (19+) Irritator Gen 2s several times now (and almost always while I’m in Badlands or Lockdown, which is actually less sportsmanlike than using the DG2 imo) but this was the first time I’ve seen a Kapro past 15.


I love Dracorex g2 and can’t understand why people have a problem with him… Anyone can get him free to play or pay to play… Hummm…is that the real issue because he’s a lowly Comon Dino… Or just sore losers who have nothing better than to hold sweet little Draco accountable for their losses …I think he should be left alone… If he gives you such a hard time fighting against him you’d think you’d want one of your own


It is because they are losing to the Dracorex G2… that is why there is so much hate for it…

You hear the same complaints about it:
•2x damage is too much
•breaking shields and bypassing armor is too much
•1 turn lock is not enough

When the Dracorex G2 gets nerfed… just wait for the complaints to start about other SIA from the dinos you just mentioned in the OP…
Not many people use them because they are slowly creeping up… I faced someone with the same 2 dinos around the 4000 range in the arenas… they are not much fun… Irritator G2 SI SS dealing 1x damage Kapro same thing… and speeds of 122 and 123 respectively…

There will always be hate for the dino that gets an advantage unless people can predict the move/swap… which is why there are so many comments about being able to see the opponents dinos…


I think that you do not understand how much damage an high level draco g2 can do (2772 at lv30 i think).
You can’t counter it because you don’t know if your oppo has it, it bypasses shields, it bypasses armor, it outspeeds priorities, it can be chained with impact/rampage and run and if you are lucky you can use it 2-3 times per game because it has only 1 turn lockdown, all of this on a common that you can easily overlevel.
It is 100% broken and needs to be nerfed.


Yes because at that special uber high level dinosaurs are that much weaker than those we face in lower levels?


So can any SIA… this one is not any different no matter how you want to make it sound…

Then get better dinos… 2 times… sure… I’ll give you that… but 3… you were going to lose the battle even if they didn’t have that dino if you can’t kill it in 2 hits…

•You can’t counter any SIA because all SIA’s hit first… though if you do a SIA at the same time they do a SIA with a faster dino… that will hit first… such as a Dracoceratops which may stun the Dracorex G2 before it can do it’s SIA… but again… you don’t know when the swap will happen so it is all about luck… then again… countering any SIA is luck… but it is possible in a rare chance…

Again… I am going to say… the reason people complain so much is because it beats them… give it a 2 turn lock… doesn’t matter… if it is getting 3 turns against you… it will still get 2 against you…

Just saying…


Tryko has counters, erlidom has counters, spinotahsuchus has counters, draco g2 doesnt have counters and it will get a nerf in 10 days, simple as that.
Liking draco g2 is fine, defending it its not.


Must not play much, no counters rofl


See, I had it on good authority that the highest-level players in the endgame weren’t concerned with DG2.

It seemed that the people complaining about it most were in the mid-3000’s to mid-4000’s. Is it prevalent in the top 500?


Ok so the argument goes from being a death machine who is unstoppable.

To our Dino’s are different and unable to defeat it.

To there is no counter.

Back to lower level players who smash it all day… Back to argument 1

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