Why have emotes in PVP if we fight bots?

Love me some dumb robots. First turn bard gets initiative and casts quickaction heal on full health teammate.

Can’t wait until I am fighting them instead of people with regeneration. I feel like if I ever get that I’ll jump 300-400 points.

On a side note though Inhate the things. I wish I could block them. I only play PVP because it is one of the few ways to get gold and items. I don’t want to talk to whoever I am playing against.

It’s normal to express yourself to inanimate objects. Have you never mumbled under your breath in disgust at a red traffic signal that has taken way too long to change? Maybe given words of encouragement to your car to keep going as your low gas light illuminates or even yelled expletives at an overflowing toilet? It’s all normal, accept it.

LOL :rofl: this is free entertainment