Why have max DNA lower for higher rarity?


If you check your profile level you may notice you have a max amount of DNA that can be collected from a direct hit.

On commons this makes sense but why is there a max even further on rarer dinos? It just seems artificially extending the grind for epic dinos in the wild.

Rares dont spawn as frequently as commons so youre already limited to how many you can actually acquire DNA from. Even further so, Epic dinos rarely spawn but when they do you have an even lower max amount of DNA that can be collected compounded with them requiring as much as 150 DNA to create.

The max DNA for a direct hit makes sense but having an even less max on higher rares is unnecessary.


If epics and rares were easy to collect DNA from, that wouldn’t make them very epic or rare.


But theyre not easy to collect to begin with. In an 8 hour session i might see 1 epic dino.

Which at my level i get 10 DNA from a direct hit on an Epic that costs 150 to create. It may take weeks or months to finally create one. Not to mention that there are more than just the one that could spawn.

Dont get me wrong i agree they should be rare and hard to get but theres like 3 progress slowing checks when it comes to epics.

Youre essentially being punished for being accurate with your shots.


Its different from one day to an other; i spend about 2-3h daily outside. Today for example i got the 3 anky’s and also a monolophosaurus. Yesterday i went for a huge bike tour and found nothing; today i already have 4. Most days i do the same route here and i end up with 1 epic, if lucky. Even 10+ rares; again if lucky. Some days are better than others! The higher your level, the more DNA you’ll acquire in the long run. At level 11 i get 200+ common and even almost 300 if i hit good. About 100-150 for rare and epic; as a VIP. This is very decent especially if you hit your crits.


They do that to make more money. That’s why you get nothing for leveling up but if you spend money you do. This game is built around draining every little cent out of you.


This I completely agree with this level up is the hardest thing to do in the game! Especially when your dinosaurs are in the higher levels!

A level up should give a free incubator (depending on your level would determine what you get IE level 1-5 gets a rare 5-10 gets epic 10- up gets a premium)along with the possibility to purchase one!


This is how free-to-play games work: be patient or simply pay to have everything now. If you choose to be VIP subscribing for 9,99 Euro / month than you can easilly achieve your goal because it will increase the drone battery so you can do I think almost doubled dna collected in one drone flight.


Yeah, but it also takes way less DNA to level a rare or epic than it does a common. So it works out.

At level 13, it takes 2000 DNA to level a common, 500 for a rare, and only 200 for an Epic.

Meanwhile when darting you get 4/5s as much on Rares, and 3/4s on an Epic.

So basically, you get 75-80% the DNA for darting dinos that cost 10-25% as much to level.
Seems fine to me.


It’s why I think that rather than having a timer for a hunt it should just be based on a number of shots based upon the dinosaur’s rarity. That way you can take your time and try to get a decent shot.


rares and above take much less DNA to create and to evolve. if you could get the same amount as a common you’d be power leveling everything ridiculously fast. the way the darting system is right now makes sense.


That is why I said based upon their rarity. Commons would be 10 darting attempts, rares could be 7 and legendary/uniques could be 5.


I think the system works really well. Having a time limit gives you more ways to get as many shots or a small amount of good shots. It adds skill into the game instead of just you have 7 attempts take an hour to make them perfect. Also I get around 250 to 300 DNA for a common and I get 150 to 200 on an epic. Seems very balanced to me