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Why hunt for DNA when APEX is much better?!


What is the motivation to go out and hunt for DNA?

APEX have taken over the game and all unique dinos are useless?



Well, they are not useless… You can still use them to fill up the open spots in your team untill there are more than 8 apex :slight_smile:


Its just my opinion but there may only be 7 Apex for the 7 days of the week and some Apex are not too good. (Gorgo, Reffy)


Just finished SR3!
Now to finish Compy.
That’s my motivation. LOL


You need to know that game correctly bro, wow. Unique r useless?

More like u don’t wanna work on it and go on the easy way.


Hydro BOA is very powerful, so we can have at least 4 Apex dinos in the team. This will only leave 4 spots to unique. So yes, most unique dinos are useless.


Wow, then work on it and don’t go for unique just go for 8 apex. And tell me how good and well balance your team becomes. Idk what the last apex will be but there r already 4 cunning. Good luck that.

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That’s the real issue of the game. Some players leave because of this.

What is the issue? There r more cunning apex?

Work on it?

I has taken A LOT time to get my Utah.

And someone have pushed buttons 1 time per weeks for some months to get to same level.

APEX have destroyed the balance.


not all players can unlock the apexes. For the players who have uniques and do not have the creatures for apex raids uniques would be the next best thing. And also uniques are needed for apex raids, and if you want to unlock every creature and max every creature.


some uniques are really good for a team. some uniques that I would have is grypolyth to help counter lux and cera.


Grypo does not counter Lux…

But agree on the subject. Apexes for me have killed the game. Raids really are boring for me. Just pushing the same buttons once a week and watch the same boring animations over and over and over again.

I just do the bare minumum, stockpiling cash and coins while praying that something will change in the game…


Uniques are far from useless. Skoona compc and SRG3 are among the top 3 dinos. Several other uniques are also staples even in the shores. Skipping out on uniques would be a huge mistake.


grypo may not counter lux but it can defiantly but a decent dent into its health. combine that with a cera or monolarhino swap and lux is pretty much dead. Grypo does good agaist cera is great because then you eliminate a huge threat.


Seriously you are totally wrong some uniques can counter apexs quite easy

And anyhows the game will get boring pretty fast if everyone has all apexs on their teams use ya imagination …


But rinex really isn’t the best unique anyhows


The apexes are getting more counters.

Mortem is already being pushed out the meta by all the new strong cunnings.

Ceramagnus and Hadros Lux struggle against the likes of Skoonasaurus, Compsocaulus, and Scorpius Gen 3.

And if the big two are nerfed next patch… they with no doubt will be nothing to worry about anymore


This litarally makes nooooo scene. That’s why I told u to play the game at first. U r saying that your utha can’t kill a hadro. Like r u serious?

Utha is a cunning and hadro is a apex resilient. Resilient kills cunning do u understand that?

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And btw utha isn’t that much a meta anymore, sorry but that’s the true.

Get some richer choice like compyC which no apex can counter.