Why I always die first in legendary raids, way to help me?

I always die first cuz I have a boosted indy with the highest attack, health and speed so I got the distraction on me, the rampages on me and the decrease on me. Anyone have a Dino they like to do raid with that have over 3,600 hp

Its because its a fix, people who don’t spend money on the game get nothing ive played the game since the day of release here in the uk and all I get from incubators is stuff I already have. Battling. Don’t get me started. Its all corruption and this is classified as a free game…hmmm

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Colin I’ll raid with ya. But for pyrri you can’t use Indom has to be tryo trag scolo or thyla

Ardonto, Irri, Ankyntro, Nodopatato, Dilorano: Are we a joke to you?

Well I’ve had a hard time with this guy xD I’ve only beaten him with that 4-combo if you can beat him otherwise I would love to try that. Still haven’t got one today.

Priority Speed Control is nice. I think you can use Utahsino to take out the shattering minion, but I haven’t tried yet

Besides the 4 turn skoolasaurus, Thyla, tragod and irritator strategy, there’s another one that I’ve done once with poukaidei, Dilorano, Moth and Tryo. Isn’t as fast but works pretty well.
Pyrri is really hard to do If the team doesn’t know a strategy, I’ve never been able to do It without planning with the team beforehand

The group i usually raid with did Pyritator with 2 tragods, thyla and irritator. It has a bit better of a success rate than the skoola one.


I just use it cuz it has 20 boosts with legendary raids. I’ll use tryo tho, mines 19.

wait thylacotator works i have it at lvl 11 oh wait 11 you guys r pros u probably have thylacotator at 25 or something

I’m willing to raid with you guys. Just send me your friend requests.

I’ll send mine later because I can’t rn

Someone posted a 100% win rate 6-turn strategy here.
I tested it and it’s working.