Why I cancelled VIP

I’m a level 20 player who’s been paying for VIP for over 2.5 years and I just cancelled it. There was no single reason but several built up over many recent updates that prompted me to give up on paying. I’m contemplating leaving the game entirely since I don’t see any chance Ludia/Jam City will change their ways as they’ve made JWA far less fun than it used to be all in the name of short term profits (at the expense of user satisfaction).

Here’s a few reasons I’ve decided to stop paying for JWA:

  • Boost Tokens were an obvious scam from the moment they were announced. Unless you were in an excellent, advanced alliance (I’m not and I’m not leaving mine for various reasons) you had no prayer of getting more than that initial freebie. I’m willing to bet this is probably true for 95% of the player base. It’s obvious at this point that tokens were introduced to quiet the uproar over their refusal to offer a boost reshuffle after the resilent nerf update a while back. When Ludia decides to nerf a dino (or an entire class) you’ve invested time and money boosting, you should have the option of moving those boosts elsewhere. They did it in the past, and thus created this expectation themselves.

  • The way they handle boosts and boost tokens is just an example of their regular bait-and-switch tactics…. Buff a dino or introduce a hot new one, promote it and offer easy ways to get it up and running, then make it exclusive and impossible to acquire unless you buy it in the store. Or then nerf it after you’ve finally spent the time and money (real or in-game) building it to something viable thus forcing you to move on lest you become uncompetitive. This comes off as patently dishonest and unfair.

  • Chasing the meta is impossible by design unless you’re a whale with endless time and/or funds. This in and of itself is fine - Ludia wants to make money obviously and if someone is crazy enough to spend thousands of dollars on a game, so be it - but then everyone else suffers. There’s no thought given to fairness or balance. Almost every recent update has introduced new and different ways of separating users from their (real) money. Shameless greed is not a good look.

  • Power creep may be part of any game of this sort, but to render dinos that people have spent months (and even years) building irrelevant in a single update is a great way to break a player’s will to continue. Especially if you offer no viable way to move boosts around to new dinos.

  • The game has become over-complicated. Every update seems to introduce new and complicated moves. Some are just confusing and some are illogical but it’s impossible to keep up with all of them anyway. I don’t hate the new mission structure but it’s implementation feels poorly thought out. The Pass is feeling like just another money grab. After this initial freebie, I’m sure we won’t be getting anything nearly as good (I hope I’m wrong but if previous actions are any indication, I expect anything decent to cost actual money).

  • I’m not sure who sets the agenda for their development cycle but I’m willing to bet it’s management at Ludia or Jam City looking to goose short-term numbers with new “features” no one’s asking for because most professional developers would never regularly release major updates with so many new and existing bugs present. It’s as if they don’t do any QA testing at all (and with an insane four week or so sprint between releases, there’s probably no time).

There’s been a few excellent improvements such as autofill and chat for raids but that’s too little too late.

Ultimately, I’ve been feeling taken advantage of in recent updates by Ludia’s grift and no one enjoys being a mark. Every major new feature seems designed to separate me from my money at the expense of fun, fairness and gameplay. In short, Ludia is killing the golden goose. You can only take advantage of people for so long before they get disgusted and move on. I feel like my time with the game is winding down.


If you’re disliking it this much, it’s probably time to quit. I say that as someone who did quit at the beginning of May. I had been a daily player, running an alliance that stayed around the bottom of the top 100, raiding every day, always finishing my daily missions, chasing the meta, reaching the top 500 each month (sometimes the top 200). But when I stopped having fun, I dropped the game, and I haven’t missed it for even one second. I think a lot of what keeps you there is routine, and when you break that routine and realize you feel relieved instead of wishing you were playing… it’s time to quit.

I’m not saying the game is awful and everyone should quit by any means. If people are having fun, they should keep on having fun. But if your feelings toward the game are constantly negative, just stop playing. I promise you’ll be happier.


But why are still looking at the forums if you do not miss it at all? :thinking: @Castal

I’m thinking deep down inside there may be a tiny part of you that still wishes you could have some more good times with JWA. If they would just go back to the way they were. :broken_heart: :joy:

I still like to keep up with game news, for sure, and I left my alliance Discord up at the members’ request so we could all still chat. I’d maybe come back to the game if it drastically changed… think a 3.0 where they rebalanced literally everything like they did with 2.0. But I can’t see it happening.


So your saying there’s a chance?! :+1:

I suppose a 0.5% chance is a chance, sure :laughing:

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I’m definitely weighing the options. My alliance was founded by my kid so I stick around to make him happy but there are days I really want to quit cold turkey. Ultimately, I still enjoy aspects of the game like PVP and raids but I wonder if that’s enough. My initial post was so negative because I was listing the reasons why I’m unhappy enough to drop VIP…. But point taken.

Also… I find I’m much less resentful now that I’m not paying Ludia/Jam City a single dime.


Oddly enough, I dropped the game about 9 momths ago and I too still look at the forum sometimes… i think of it as morbid curiosity. A lot of what was brought up is spot on and has only gotten worse over time.


Yes. With no end in sight. I was amazed at the number of new moves in the last update. Who can keep up with that?

I still pay for vip because I still enjoy the game,I was one of the few people who got reset tokens.


I got that initial freebie then nothing else. So I have a load of boosts being wasted on Dinos that I’ll never use again. And I refuse to pay Ludia’s 50% rip-off tax.


Thats the biggest issue (of 2) I have with the game. I played regularly up until boosts then stopped. Recently started again and put boosts on 2 creatures. I now add whatever boosts i earn in a week onto 1 creature which wasnt boosted before. But the opportunity to play around with the boosts is ruined by the 50% punishment.

My ither issue is the points you win ( or lose ) when playing PVP. I more than often lose more points against teams of level 30s ( I have 1 Level 29 creature ) and when i win its usually for 27 to 29 points. The games themselves I actually enjoy. The spoiling part for me is not being able to alter your team too much because of boosts ( and Scorpius Gen 3 :grin:)

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YES. This times 1000000000. This last update made my entire team irrelevant with the stupid Thor buff and ludias inability to matchmake properly. It drives me insane, and all my effort for the last 2 years was just thrown away in a single update.


Ludia just needs to stop adding creatures. We have over 300 now…if they add one it has to be a flock or an insanely op hybrid. Just stop adding more, simple solution.


Yeah. That’s happened to me multiple times. All that time and effort wasted. And to add insult to injury, they don’t even let you move boosts around after you’ve wasted them on a now-neutered dino.


Excellent post. I’ve been a low-spending player, just paying for VIP since achievements came out. But I’ve canceled VIP and cut back on playing. I think a lot of us are making a slow exit …


Dude sr3 single-handedly ruined 90% of the things I wanted to run. It’s such a fun killer :frowning:

Just because something counters things u want to run doesn’t mean it’s a fun killer,honestly sr3 is very fun with how English dependent it is

I have never paid a cent to play this game and have been enjoying it since day one.

That said I think 99% of people I speak with in my alliance and across Discord feel the same as the original poster.

Agree completely about the overly complex new moves each update and the powercreep/egregious tactic of releasing a stupidly OP creature only to beef it a few updates later when people have spent time and effort levelling it up.

Dinos like Geminititan that were a labour of love to get to L30 shouldn’t be binned into third or fourth tier overnight.

Quite why there are over 300 dinos and so many moves now is unclear. What’s the point when almost all are unusable?